Dynamic Home Feed, Accurate User Preferences, and a Friend-Like Search Experience: Tubi Achieves All with Its New Rabbit AI, Powered by ChatGPT-4

Tubi Enhances Content Recommendations with Its Rabbit AI, Powered by ChatGPT-4.

Tubi, the ad-supported video-on-demand service owned by Fox Corporation, has unveiled a cutting-edge enhancement to its platform, the Rabbit AI, which uses OpenAI’s ChatGPT-4 artificial intelligence. 

This significant leap in search functionality allows users to pose questions in natural language, mimicking a conversation with a friend, rather than relying solely on traditional keyword searches.

For instance, users can interact with Rabbit AI by asking, “What are some funny shark movies?” The AI responds with relevant titles such as “Sharknado,” “Sharkula,” “Shark Bait,” and “Bigfoot vs. Megalodon.” Such interactions simplify the content discovery process and add a personal touch to the user experience.

Rabbit AI is more than just a flashy add-on. It’s a tool built on a robust understanding of user preferences. The system taps into signals from viewer activities like adding content to “My List,” giving feedback on titles and monitoring viewing patterns. 

By analyzing these signals, Tubi tailors its home screen to offer content inspired by the user’s interests. Over time, the platform promises more refined recommendations, enhancing the home screen’s containers with selections that mirror individual tastes.

Beyond its primary search capabilities, Rabbit AI holds an edge in understanding the context. Its recommendations aren’t just keyword-matched; user queries’ deeper, contextual meaning shapes them. 

As users save or watch content surfaced by Rabbit AI, the AI learns and adjusts, leading to a dynamic home screen that echoes similar content preferences.

This feature is in its beta test phase, available on Tubi’s iOS mobile app for U.S. audiences. It is expected to be made more broadly accessible in the upcoming weeks. For AI enthusiasts, a Rabbit AI plugin for ChatGPT is also available on OpenAI for its subscribers.

The name “Rabbit AI” pays homage to Tubi’s quirky ad campaign introduced during the Super Bowl, involving massive mute rabbits drawing people into unexpected adventures. The tagline, “Find rabbit holes you didn’t know you were looking for,” captures the essence of the surprising content discovery that AI brings.

Blake Bassett, Tubi’s Senior Director of Product, shed light on the significance of this move. “It’s a known fact that one in five streamers prefer binge-watching due to its convenience over searching for fresh content,” 

Bassett noted. He believes that Tubi’s vast content library, personalization and machine learning algorithms uniquely positions the platform to cater to viewers’ exact mood and preference. “With Rabbit AI, content discovery isn’t just efficient; it’s also fun,” he added.

This innovation by Tubi underscores a broader industry trend where technology and user experience intertwine, elevating streaming to new heights.
Marking a significant transition, Anjali Sud stepped into the CEO role for Tubi on September 1st. In the subsequent period, Tubi TV recorded a commendable growth, reporting over 74M active monthly users and accounting for 1.4% of the global TV viewing percentage.

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