Interviews and Features

Romain Bouqueau, the CEO and Founder of Motion Spell, talks about open source software, drivers of innovation, collaboration & globalization, the ROI of Build vs. Buy. vs Open Source and other topics in this interview.

Tata Binge Deal, Aggregation, and AVOD

OTTVerse spoke to Rakesh CK, Head of SVOD & Business Strategy at Arha Media, to discuss the deal with Tata, his view on aggregation, and AVOD.

bitmovin smart chunking

OTTVerse met Markus Hafellner, Senior Product Manager, VOD Encoding, at NAB 2023 to understand more about Smart Chunking.

Justbaat generative AI in content creation

In this interview, we talk to Shaurya Nigam, the CEO of Justbaat, a generative AI company helping content creators, users, and distributors by generating videos at scale using AI.

vnova fabio murra lcevc

In recent months, there have been many announcements regarding the deployment of LCEVC. We would like to discuss some of these developments with you and gain insight into V-Nova’s work developing the LCEVC coding standard.

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