Anjali Sud to be the next CEO of Fox’s Tubi

Anjali Sud is taking over as CEO of Tubi, Fox Corp.’s free, ad-supported streaming TV service. This comes a week after Vimeo announcing that Sud is stepping down as the CEO of the video-hosting platform.

Sud spent nine years at New York-based Vimeo, initially serving as the VP of global marketing. Sud eventually took charge of the creator business unit and was promoted to CEO in 2017. 

Anjali sud

Commencing her role on September 1, 2023, Sud will succeed founder Farhad Massoudi as CEO of Tubi. Reporting directly to Paul Cheesbrough, CEO of Tubi Media Group, Sud will be responsible for leading Tubi, which was acquired by Fox in 2020, alongside Blockchain Creative Labs, under the newly established Tubi Media Group.

Paul Cheesbrough, in announcing Sud’s appointment, expressed his confidence in her expertise, stating, “Anjali is a highly accomplished executive in the technology and media industry with a passion and track record for strategic disruption and authentic leadership. As Tubi continues to scale and solidify its momentum as the most watched free TV and movie streaming service in the U.S., she is the perfect candidate to lead Tubi into a new era of creativity, growth, and market leadership.”

Sud herself shared her excitement by saying “We are witnessing a seismic shift in where and how content will be consumed, and I believe that Tubi can become the destination for the next generation of audiences. The future of streaming TV is free, and I am excited to join the Tubi team to help shape the next wave of entertainment, by giving all people access to all the world’s stories. Tubi is doing things differently in a space that is being imminently disrupted, and that is my kind of opportunity.”

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Tubi boasts an impressive user base, reaching 64 million monthly active users and positions itself as one of the leading free, ad-supported streaming TV services in the U.S. According to Nielsen data from May 2023, Tubi captured 1.3% of total TV viewing minutes in the country, surpassing competitors like Pluto TV, Peacock, and Max. Fox acquired Tubi in 2020 for $400 million.

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