Comcast is adding 20 Free Ad-Supported Channels to The X1 Channel Guide 

Comcast announced that it will add 20 free ad-supported channels to its X1 channel guide. The new channels includes NBC News Now and 19 Xumo-branded channels that spread across various genres from action, comedy, reality, documentaries to Kid’s TV and more. 

These channels will be integrated into the X1 channel guide. 

The company said it’s “just the beginning” of its plans to enhance our customers’ TV subscriptions via FAST. 

“The addition of FAST channels on our Xfinity entertainment platforms adds a new dynamic to our video offering,” said Vito Forlenza, Vice President, Entertainment Apps. “Our strategy is centered around value not tonnage, and we are focused on bringing FAST channels into the experience that are additive to the majority of our customers’ lineups.”

Comcast Xumo

The Race to FAST 

Customers and companies are increasingly gravitating towards free ad-supported streaming services (FAST). 

For customers, free ad-supported streaming services present an attractive alternative to paid subscriptions, as they expand the selection of available movies and TV shows without the financial commitment of additional subscriptions. 

On the other hand, companies are drawn to FAST due to its potential for customer retention and audience expansion. Case in point being Roku’s “The Roku Channel” which offers over 350 live FAST channels and has recently been launched on Google TV and Android TV

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By integrating free channels like Xumo Play into the X1 channel guide, as in the case of Comcast, companies can create a more comprehensive and enticing content ecosystem for their customers. 

This helps to keep consumers within their own systems, reducing the likelihood of customers seeking content from competitors. The increased time spent within the company’s ecosystem can lead to greater customer loyalty and potential upselling opportunities in the future.

List of channels being added to X1:

Xumo Action
Xumo Black Cinema
Xumo Comedy TV
Xumo Movies
Xumo Kids
Xumo Game Show
Xumo Bollywood & Indian
Xumo Family
Xumo Westerns
Xumo Sci-fi & Fantasy
Xumo Comedy
Xumo Action & Drama
Xumo Food TV
Xumo Reality TV
Xumo Crime
Xumo Horror & Thriller
Xumo Travel & Lifestyle
Xumo Documentaries
Xumo Her Movies

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