Warner Bros. Discovery Expands UK’s Prime Video Offering with TNT Sports on Discovery+ Premium

Warner Bros. Discovery is set to launch a channel on Prime Video, featuring TNT Sports as part of the Discovery+ Premium Subscription.

Warner Bros. Discovery (WBD) has partnered with Amazon to introduce the Discovery+ premium subscription, which now includes TNT Sports, to the Prime Video Channel lineup in the UK.

The updated UK subscription package is available to Prime Video users for an additional monthly charge of £29.99. This subscription grants viewers access to a rich selection of live sports, entertainment, and on-demand content from Discovery+.

Following a recent partnership between Warner Bros. Discovery (WBD) and BT, TNT Sports has emerged, previously known as BT Sports. As part of the Discovery+ premium lineup, this channel will showcase key football matches from the Premier League and the UEFA Champions League.

Additionally, the Prime Video Channel will showcase a variety of sports events such as Premiership Rugby, MotoGP, UFC, WWE, boxing, the Australian Open, the Roland-Garros Grand Slam tennis tournaments, cycling events, and the upcoming Olympic Games in Paris 2024 via Eurosport.

Discovery+’s entertainment selection includes programs like Richard Hammond’s Workshop, 90 Day Fiancé UK, and Faking It.

Chris Bird, the UK country director for Prime Video, expressed enthusiasm about the extended partnership with Warner Bros. Discovery. He emphasized that this addition would further enrich the content variety, offering an amalgamation of original series, films, live sports, and now the discovery+ Premium content, all under the umbrella of Prime Video.

Echoing this sentiment, Andrew Georgiou, who holds leadership roles at WBD UK & Ireland and WBD Sports in Europe, highlighted that Discovery+ Premium is rapidly becoming a hub for high-quality, real-life entertainment and premier sports events, courtesy of TNT Sports’ integration that showcases Premier League, Champions League, and Premiership Rugby games, among other highlights.

Additionally, in recent news, Warner Bros. Discovery Sports, in collaboration with Bleacher Report, will introduce a new sports tier to their US streaming service, Max. This service will go live on October 5. Read about it here.

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