UKTV Forays into FAST Market With Four Channels on Samsung TV Plus and Pluto TV

UKTV launches four FAST Channels on Samsung TV Plus and Pluto TV

UKTV, part of BBC Studios, is venturing into the Free Ad-supported Streaming TV (FAST) sector by launching four channels on Samsung TV Plus and Pluto TV

These channels will be available in the UK from 24th August. UKTV aims to expand its streaming presence with additional channels on its UKTV Play platform in the future.

The newly introduced channels will offer popular content from UKTV’s free-to-air brands, such as Dave, Drama, W, and Yesterday. The channels include:

1. UKTV Play Heroes: This channel showcases the courageous acts of frontline medical staff and police. It features shows like “Emma Willis: Delivering Babies”, “Inside the Ambulance”, and “The Shift: Women on the Force”, among others.

2. UKTV Play Laughs: A channel dedicated to comedy, it offers shows like “Hypothetical”, “Judge Romesh”, and “Mel Giedroyc: Unforgivable”.

3. UKTV Play Full Throttle: For those interested in transportation, this channel offers shows about planes, trains, and automobiles, including “Bangers & Cash”, “Yianni: Supercar Customiser”, and “Secrets of the Railways”.

4. UKTV Play Uncovered: This channel delves into history and engineering, featuring shows like “Abandoned Engineering”, “World War 2 From Above”, and “Secret Nazi Bases”.

Jonathan Newman, the General Manager of Commercial at UKTV, expressed his enthusiasm about the FAST channels, highlighting their potential to attract new viewers and enhance the reach of the UKTV Play streaming service. He credited the dedicated team at UKTV for making this possible.

The FAST launch by UKTV was headed by Sarah Goldman, director of advertising, and Philipp Pfister, the head of distribution. And Jonathan Newman, the general manager of commercial affairs, supervised them. Additionally, UKTV joined forces with Amagi to handle playout and distribution services.

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Amagi has been proactively researching the adoption of FAST worldwide, and their latest report highlighted the surge of FAST in the LATIN American region.

Amidst the rising popularity of FAST channels, Samsung TV is keen on capitalising on this trend. Recently, they collaborated with FIFA to introduce the FIFA+ channel on their platform. Samsung TV also reached a milestone of 100+ FAST channels in India this May.

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