Samsung TV Plus Adds FIFA+ Channel Right In Time for The Women’s World Cup 2023

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. has formally announced the global introduction of FIFA+ to its Samsung TV Plus platform today. This strategic move forms part of the company’s continuous efforts to expand its free-access sports offerings for Samsung customers.

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The FIFA+ FAST channel on Samsung TV Plus will provide viewers with football-related content, original documentaries, archive footage, and game highlights from both men’s and women’s teams. This expansion aims to increase the amount of sports content already accessible on Samsung TV Plus.

Samsung TV Plus, an ad-supported streaming service exclusive to Samsung Smart TVs, is available to millions of users in India. Customers can access the FIFA+ channel and its comprehensive offerings without requiring additional applications or antennas, with only an internet connection needed.

Timed with the ongoing FIFA Women’s world cup 2023

This announcement is strategically timed with the ongoing FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023™, hosted by Australia and New Zealand. Various content will be showcased, including player stories, highlights, and long and short-form content.

Commenting on the development, Kunal Mehta, Head of Partnerships, Samsung TV Plus, said: “The streaming landscape has become a new home for sports content, and owing to the vast audience of sports enthusiasts, it is fuelling the growth and adoption of TV streaming in India. Including the FIFA+ channel in our ever-growing sports portfolio on Samsung TV Plus is a testament to Samsung’s dedication to delivering unparalleled access and exceptional value to our audiences and advertisers, enabling them to reach a highly engaged sports audience in a streaming setting.”

What content will you have access to?

The FIFA+ channel on Samsung TV Plus will extend access to thousands of hours of FIFA+ content to its customers.

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FIFA+ Originals will feature in-depth documentaries, docuseries, talk shows, and short films that revolve around both the men’s and women’s games, including programs like ‘The Happiest Man in the World,’ ‘Croatia: Defining a Nation,’ and ‘Bravas de Juárez.’

Moreover, the FIFA+ Archive will house every previously recorded FIFA World Cup™ and FIFA Women’s World Cup™ match. Various editorial-style programming will also be accessible, including tournament match highlights, goal compilations, team-centric programming, and dedicated player profiles.

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