UK Broadcasters Join Together for ‘Freely’ SmartTV App, Streaming Freeview Channels

Leading UK Broadcasters Collaborate to Launch a Unified App for Free Digital TV Service.

The UK is anticipating a shift in its television landscape with the introduction of ‘Freely’, a new integrated TV service by Everyone TV, which owns the Freeview Platform. This service is designed to provide both live TV and on-demand content over broadband.

Slated for a 2024 release, Freely aims to address the changing habits of UK viewers who are increasingly looking towards online platforms while still holding an affinity for live television. 

Drawing inspiration from the established Freeview TV platform, which once had a presence in over 16 million homes, Freely plans to offer a similar experience for the modern age. 

Upcoming smart TVs will incorporate this new service into a single app that includes the Freeview channels such as BBC, ITV, Channel 4, and Channel 5. Additionally, other channels from the DTT platform are expected to be added to Freely over time.

Previously known as Digital UK, Everyone TV has long been involved in delivering free television in the UK. Their latest venture seeks to cater to a broader audience, considering the rise in homes relying solely on broadband.

Several voices from the television industry have expressed support for Freely. Tim Davie from the BBC highlighted the importance of ensuring continued widespread access. His statement emphasised a concern that public-service content should remain available to all in a rapidly digitalising world, with every viewer included.

Similarly, ITV’s Dame Carolyn McCall’s perspective echoed Davie’s, focusing on keeping public service broadcaster channels accessible. Recalling the digital TV revolution heralded by Freeview, she sees Freely as the next logical step in ensuring viewers can always find and enjoy their preferred British TV channels without barriers.

When asked about this, Alex Mahon, CEO of Channel 4, acknowledged the growing preference for streaming among the younger audience. Mahon stressed the need for easy access. She believes it’s vital for reliable content to stay free and within easy reach, underscoring the idea that both information and entertainment should be open to all.

Collaborative projects such as Project Kangaroo have been seen between UK broadcasters. While previous efforts had challenges, the aim has always been to provide a unified viewing experience.

As UK viewers await this new service, it’s clear that while consumption methods are evolving, the demand for diverse content remains consistent. Freely seeks to meet this demand by combining the old with the new.

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