Research Shows Significant Uplift in Effectiveness of Advertising on Premium OTT over Mass Streaming Services

AVIA, the Asia Video Industry Association, has unveiled the second phase of its research on the effectiveness of advertising in premium over-the-top (OTT) platforms compared to mass streaming video environments. The study, conducted between January and April 2023 by research firm Milieu Insight, builds upon the initial phase completed in 2022, which examined consumer attitudes and usage patterns towards advertising in these environments.

The findings from the second research phase align with the first phase, demonstrating that ads displayed in premium OTT environments outperform those in mass-streaming video environments regarding product and brand recall. The study revealed a significant uplift in product recall of 10% and an even more substantial increase of 12% in brand recall for ads shown in premium OTT platforms. This highlights premium OTT ads’ lasting impact and improved ability to leave a lasting impression on viewers.

Interestingly, the research also found that viewer behavior and actions taken after ad exposure was consistent across premium OTT and mass-streaming video environments. Regardless of the environment, viewers showed similar engagement levels in searching for more information, visiting websites, and reading reviews. However, given the higher recall rates associated with premium OTT environments, advertisers have the potential to achieve higher conversion rates and maximize the effectiveness of their campaigns in these platforms.

The initial phase of the research indicated that consumers perceive premium OTT platforms as offering higher quality content compared to mass streaming video environments. The study revealed that 58% of respondents considered premium OTT platforms to provide superior content quality, while only 36% held the same opinion for mass streaming video environments.

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Additionally, 49% of participants believed premium OTT platforms garnered higher attention than 35% for mass streaming video environments. These findings underscore premium OTT platforms’ appeal and attention-grabbing nature for advertisers looking to captivate their target audiences effectively.

Louis Boswell, CEO of AVIA, commented on the research findings, stating that the results provide definitive evidence supporting the effectiveness of ads in premium OTT services over social media or video sharing platforms. Boswell emphasized the significant opportunity for brands to optimize their advertising efficiency by reevaluating their allocation of ad spend across premium and mass video environments. With the rapid growth of OTT platforms, advertisers have a unique and underutilized chance to enhance the effectiveness of their campaigns and connect with their target consumers more effectively.

The research conducted by AVIA received support from notable AVIA members, including Index Exchange, Magnite, PubMatic, The Trade Desk, and Xandr. Their collaboration was instrumental in ensuring the success and comprehensive nature of the research. The research deck and methodology for both phases of the study are available for further examination, providing stakeholders with valuable insights and data to inform their advertising strategies in the evolving OTT landscape.

In conclusion, AVIA’s research demonstrates that advertising in premium OTT platforms yields higher product and brand recall compared to mass streaming video environments. While viewer behavior remains consistent across environments, the higher recall rates associated with premium OTT platforms present a valuable opportunity for advertisers to maximize the effectiveness of their campaigns.

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