Muxip Expands Adoption of Live-Event Fast Channel Capabilities with Leading Martial Arts Brand

The Grappling Network Leverages FASTHub Live By MuxIP; Sports, News, Music, Event Producers Can Rapidly Create 
Streaming Linear Channels Featuring Live Events

LOS ANGELES-SEPTEMBER 29, 2022 – MuxIP, a leading provider of automated solutions for ad-supported streaming, today announced the expanded adoption of its live channel solution for content owners in the Free Ad-Supported Streaming Television (FAST) space. FASTHub by MuxIP curates video streams and provides live overlays on top of existing video streams, enabling more accurate ad delivery, including bumpers and promos, for live producers of content, including sports, news, music, and special events. The Grappling Network (TGN), the first 24/7 grappling and combat sports network, is using FASTHub Live for delivery of its events on its FAST channel, which can be viewed at

MuxIP is one of the only firms in the industry that can successfully deliver FAST channels featuring live event broadcasts for producers, which is facilitated by its patented technology. FASTHub is a cloud-based software as a service (SaaS) solution that rapidly encodes, prepares, packages, and distributes channels – including broadcast satellite, and digital – to any OTT platform, TV device, or application. 

TGN launched its network in association with USA Grappling and offers Brazilian, Jiu-Jitsu, Catch-Wrestling, Sambo, Judo, Submission-Only, Wrestling, and all non-striking combat sports. The TGN library encompasses regional, national, and international competitions, including 20 of the top regional pro-am grappling promotions in the country, and many of the top mixed martial arts (MMA) and grappling stars of today. TGN also offers original programming, such as documentaries and grappling lifestyle content supported by the creators of combat sports, including UFC, EBI, and CJJ.

“Our fans are driven by live competition, and we now have a live streaming solution that provides a premium viewing experience with an ideal advertising system,” said Blair Green, the executive director of USA Grappling. “We want to expand our content offerings to address a growing global audience, and our work with MuxIP enables us to evolve rapidly with our audience and our advertisers.”

FASTHub Live delivers live FAST channels at lower costs and with greater revenue generation than competing solutions.
“Live is the differentiator for FAST now, and we continue to bring new channels to market – like TGN – that are focused on live events as the core element of their media offering,” said Tom Link, CEO of MuxIP. “The niche content revolution is here today, in the FAST world, and it will be driven by live content. The FASTHub Live solution delivers what niche content owners demand: broadcast-quality stability with profitable ad revenue at reasonable costs.” 

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FASTHub Live takes inbound HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) streams and plays out a video-on-demand (VOD) asset-based stream. FASTHub Live formats and curates the streams and sends them downstream to a target ready for monetization. Live overlays are placed on top of the existing stream. These patented techniques enable rapid service creation with a wide range of monetization models. FASTHub originates channels and/or collects them from anywhere and distributes them everywhere using an extensive portfolio of encoding, multiplexing, and packaging services to enable customized OTT distribution. The FASTHub value lies in flexibly evolving with customer demands and delivering content to multiple endpoints across multiple networks. FASTHub provides rapid custom programming and distribution of client content for OTT channels or to third-party services including Sling TV, Pluto TV, YouTube, Amazon Prime Video as well as Smart TVs or Connected TV (CTV) OEMs (including Vizio, TCL, Samsung TV Plus, Hisense), and telecom operators.

The MuxIP FASTHub service processes multiple formats from mezzanine to uncompressed video in any transport mode (e.g., Zixi, SRT, etc.) and any codec, and transcodes video to all outbound formats (e.g., HLS, RTMP, SRT, Zixi, etc.).

About The Grappling Network (TGN)

The Grappling Network (TGN) is the leading provider of domestic and international non-striking combat sports. TGN produces and supports sports including Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, UWW Grappling Judo, Sambo, Wrestling, and more. The Grappling Network provides content on pay-per-view (PPV) platforms as well as free OTT platforms with events spanning over 50 countries. The Grappling Network is headquartered in Austin, Texas with production facilities and offices in Los Angeles, CA. Visit for more information. 

About MuxIP

MuxIP is a global leader in powering the rapidly growing TV business model centered on Free Ad-Supported Streaming Television (FAST). The company’s patented, cloud-based SaaS technology offers intuitive and powerful tools that allow content owners and media companies to create, monetize and distribute FAST linear channels on the leading distribution platforms. MuxIP’s patented solutions seamlessly automate every facet of ad-supported streaming by simplifying content preparation, channel scheduling, live event streaming, and all of the core components of dynamic video advertising while enabling best-in-class monetization and distribution. Connect with MuxIP on LinkedInFacebookTwitter, and at

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