How to LiveStream to Facebook Live using OBS Studio

In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to connect and live stream from OBS Studio to Facebook Live in 5 simple steps! You can be up and running in under 10 – 15 minutes and show off your live streaming skills to the world.

OBS Studio has become one of the most popular streaming software out there. It’s is easy to use with several social media platforms such as YouTube, Facebook Live, and Twitch. Today, we will show you how to connect OBS Studio with Facebook Live and start streaming in no time.

If you are new to OBS Studio, then check out our tutorials on OTTVerse to get familiarized with OBS Studio’s installation, setup, and streaming settings.

If you are familar with OBS Studio, then let’s move on to the fun part – streaming to Facebook Live 🙂

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1) Setting Up OBS Studio To Stream to Facebook Live

The first thing we have to do is configure OBS Studio. This can be done through a few easy steps.

Using Auto-configuration

When running it for the first time, OBS will greet you with an auto-configuration wizard. You should use it as a basis, but keep in mind that you will probably need to change a few things later. For now, choose Optimize for streaming, recording is secondary.

facebook live streaming using OBS Studio

Ideally, your base resolution should be 1080p (1920×1080), and FPS can be set at 30. Based on your PC specs, a wizard will then provide you with recommended Video Bitrate, Streaming Encoder, and Output Resolution. Make sure to Apply Settings before exiting.

OBS Studio to Facebook Live

Alternatively, you can set this up by going to Settings > Output and Video. Judging by their guide, you should use an H.264/AVC encoder and set the bitrate at 4 Mbps. Facebook Live’s max resolution is set to 720p, and we recommend that you don’t go below that. Lastly, set your Keyframe Interval to 2. All of these settings will make sure that your stream runs smoothly.

Configuring OBS Studio’s Bitrate

However, your internet speed might be too slow to support this bitrate. You can easily check if this is the case by doing a speedtest. The general rule is to subtract 20% from your max upload speed and set it as a bitrate. For example, if your upload is 4.8 Mbps, your video bitrate should be 4 Mbps. Setting it too high will result in a choppy stream that may be unwatchable, so make sure to get this right.

2) Adding Scenes

Now, let’s concentrate on what your viewers will see. Go back to the main window and add a Scene.

OBS Studio to Facebook Live

Scenes hold multiple Sources, which are all of the things that will appear on your stream (webcam, chat, etc.). By creating multiple scenes, you can create a different backdrop for the beginning, intermission, and end of your stream.

OBS Studio to Facebook Live

3) Creating Sources

Adding Sources is also simple, just click on the + sign next to it. First, let’s set up one that will capture our game. For this, we will use Game Capture, which will broadcast any fullscreen game to Facebook Live.

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Name the scene and go to Properties. If you’ve downloaded additional overlays, make sure that you check the last box. Otherwise, click OK.

In some cases, you’ll need to use other sources to capture your game. Window Capture is used for broadcasting games that are played in a web browser or windowed mode. If you want to stream multiple windowed apps, use Display Capture.

The next Source that we are going to add is Video Capture Device. In the properties window, make sure to pick the correct webcam. Set FPS to 25 or 30 and resolution to 720p before proceeding.

OBS Studio to Facebook Live

4) Setting Up Audio

You should also sound sharp, so visit Settings > Audio > Global Audio Devices to choose your sound source. Turn on Desktop Audio to enable in-game sounds, and Mic Audio if you wish to comment as well.

OBS Studio to Facebook Live

If you are using a webcam with a built-in mic, make sure that you’ve selected the correct source. Once you are happy, click Apply and exit.

5) Connect OBS Studio with Facebook Live

OBS Studio to Facebook Live

You are almost there. It’s time to go visit this page on Facebook and click Create Live Stream. This will open up a Stream Setup window where you will locate a Stream Key.

OBS Studio to Facebook Live

Make sure that nobody else sees it and click Copy. This random string of symbols lets you connect Facebook Live with OBS Studio.

Jump back to OBS and open Settings > Stream. Make sure that you select Facebook Live as a Service and paste in your stream key. Click OK to save these settings.

OBS Studio to Facebook Live

Starting a Livestream

To kick everything off, simply click Start Streaming in the bottom right corner.

Live Streaming using OBS Studio to Facebook Live

Go back to Facebook, and you will notice a stream preview window on your right side. Now it’s time to do the last touch-ups before you go live. Pay attention to the streaming quality, framerate, and if your video is lagging. When you are satisfied, click Go Live.

Live Streaming using OBS Studio to Facebook Live


Congratulations! This is all it takes to start live streaming games, talks, or even small concerts on Facebook Live using OBS Studio. It may seem overwhelming at first, but it’s straightforward once you got the hang of it. We’d also recommend that you ask your fans for feedback so that you can make slight adjustments to the bitrate and quality of your stream. As a bonus, if you want to see tips on how to promote yourself, click here.

Check out our Top 12 Tips to Improving the Quality of your Live Video Streaming now and beat your competition!

Until next time, take care and keep streaming.

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  1. Currently live-streaming the church services using OBS and FB on the same computer. However, I’m the organist at the opposite side of the sanctuary from the computer equipment. Can I click in OBS, then go away from the tech equipment and with FB loaded on my phone, click the button there. Both phone and computer would be on the same wi-fi network. Using the Persistent/or is it perpetual stream key from FB in the OBS set up.

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