Zattoo TV Streaming Reports 2023 for Germany, Switzerland & Austria

Berlin/Zurich, 28th March 2023– This year, the COVID-19 pandemic is slowly receding into the background. The difficult economic situation and high inflation are issues that many consumers are currently faced with. Whether this is having an impact on the television behaviour of Austrian, Swiss, and German Internet users is highlighted by the TV streaming provider Zattoo in this year’s 2023 TV Streaming Report. 

Here are some of the key findings from this year’s TV streaming report:

Germany: While the vast majority of German Internet users have not reduced their number of subscriptions this year, around 20% have switched to a cheaper or free offer. What’s more, the Internet will remain the most widely used TV reception channel in 2023, and the use of live TV will continue to increase. 

Switzerland: More and more Swiss people are using the Internet for their TV reception. This trend will continue in 2023. Live TV usage is ahead of the use of video-on-demand offerings, and looking at the current economic situation shows that worrying about high inflation rates has had less impact on streaming subscriptions than expected.

Austria: While the vast majority of internet users in Austria have not reduced their number of subscriptions this year, 17% have switched to a cheaper or free offer. What’s more, the Internet continues to be used ahead of cable television as a TV reception channel, and TV streaming services are being used more and more. 

The report is based on an online representative survey conducted by the market research company Kantar on behalf of Zattoo which involved 1,000 German, 1,016 Austrian, and 810 Swiss internet users between the ages of 16 and 69 in an online panel at the beginning of 2023. Kantar and Zattoo have been conducting this survey in Germany and Switzerland every year since 2015. For Austria, this is the third year in a row.

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The report helps to identify current developments in Internet and TV usage, as well as in the area of TV streaming. The report is Zattoo’s contribution to the discussion about the importance of TV streaming. 

Please find attached the press releases as well as the reports from all three countries. 

We would be happy to discuss the results with you and to give you a further outlook on the development of the TV and streaming market from our point of view. Please let me know if you are interested in such an opportunity.

Here you can find the TV Streaming Report 2023 for Germany.

Here you can find the TV Streaming Report 2023 for Switzerland. 

Here you can find the TV Streaming Report 2023 for Austria.

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Zattoo ( is one of the leading TV streaming providers in Europe with several million monthly users. Founded in 2005, the company employs more than 250 people and has its headquarters in Zurich, as well as a location in Berlin. Users in Switzerland, Germany, and Austria watch all popular TV channels in HD and Full HD quality as well as a variety of video-on-demand content. Zattoo is available on almost all devices, including smart TVs, PCs and laptops, streaming devices, smartphones, and tablets. In addition to its free service, Zattoo offers a wide range of HD and Full HD channels, Time Shift TV and EU-wide streaming in its paid subscriptions. Since 2012, Zattoo has also offered its technology to media companies and network operators worldwide as a TV-as-a-service platform. The Swiss TX Group, a digital hub and network of media and platforms, has held shares in Zattoo since 2008 and has been the majority shareholder since 2018. Zattoo has been carbon neutral since 2021.

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