VisualOn Released Bandwidth Saving Solution to Reduce Streaming Cost While Maintaining Image Quality

Innovative Video Delivery Solution from VisualOn Improves Viewing Experience and Reduces Delivery, Consumption and Storage Costs and Energy

VisualOn Inc., the pioneer and leading streaming solutions and video player provider since 2003, recently announced the availability of its new VisualOn Optimizer product. Year 2021 reached a broadband industry usage milestone, with average monthly usage surpassing half a terabyte for the first time. Video streaming can be extremely bandwidth-intensive and how to save the bandwidth cost is a major topic. VisualOn Optimizer offers a server-side software solution to optimize the bitrate of Live and VOD video content, without reducing video quality. In performance tests, the solution enabled up to 60% bitrate reduction while maintaining the quality of H.265/HEVC and H.264/AVC media for video delivery.

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While the video quality is increasing with the adoption of high-resolution, high-frame rate video such as HD, UHD, and AR/VR, the volume of video data is also growing, and the cost of bandwidth, CDN transfers, and storage associated with video consumption is increasing every year. These trends continue to push up bitrates, sometimes at the expense of other Quality of Experience (QoE) metrics such as video start time.

Thus, for video delivery service providers, reducing the cost of bandwidth, CDN transfer, storage while maintaining or improving the quality of the viewing experience is a critical issue that must be addressed in order to maximize profits in a highly competitive market.

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Based on patent-pending proprietary technology, VisualOn Optimizer is the most advanced per-scene transcoding solution in the industry. It efficiently analyzes the content and to determine the best transcoder settings for achieving the target quality. VisualOn Optimizer can be integrated with existing delivery systems without the need to change transcoders or delivery workflows

Output files remain fully standard-compliant and can be consumed by any video player. Please contact us at [email protected] to learn more.

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