Viaplay Group has inked a long-term deal with Vodafone Greece, introducing Viaplay Select content to Vodafone TV

Viaplay Select content is set to be featured on Vodafone TV following their expansion into Greece.

Viaplay Group and Vodafone Greece have embarked on a long-term partnership, bringing the curated content of Viaplay Select to Vodafone TV audiences. 

This collaboration offers Vodafone TV’s 180,000 subscribers in Greece a rich selection of premium series and films. Viaplay Select extends its reach to 11 European countries and 23 markets worldwide with this partnership.

Vanda Rapti, a senior figure at Viaplay Group, commented on the collaboration, emphasizing Vodafone TV’s comprehensive entertainment offerings in Greece. She pointed out the diverse content range of Viaplay Select, from captivating documentaries to renowned dramas and the distinct Nordic Noir genre. Rapti also highlighted the ongoing expansion of their innovative “service-within-a-service” approach.

Katia Stathaki, overseeing Vodafone Greece’s CBU, expressed enthusiasm about consolidating various entertainment options for Greek families under one platform. She stressed that after incorporating giants like Disney+ and Warner Bros. Studios, Vodafone TV now exclusively presents content from Viaplay Select, positioning it as a central hub for some of Europe’s best streaming content.

In the past, Viaplay Select has announced collaborations with platforms such as CH Media’s Oneplus in Switzerland, Deutsche Telekom’s Magenta TV in Germany, Canal+ in Austria, and several others.

Viaplay’s streaming service directly serves consumers in regions like the Nordic and Baltic areas, Poland, the Netherlands, the UK, the US, and Canada.

Viaplay’s Recovery Plan from Financial Challenges

However, Viaplay faced a challenging June, with its stock price taking a 60% hit due to disappointing financial outcomes. The financial report, released on July 20th, revealed a significant loss of $575 million and a decrease of 1 million subscribers from their user base.

As part of its recovery strategy, Viaplay has announced a workforce reduction of 25%, which will impact over 450 employees. They also plan to cut back on international exposure and curtail content production.

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In a turn of positive events, CANAL+ Group, a major Pay TV network based in France with a footprint in Europe, Asia, and Africa, acquired a 12% stake in Viaplay Group. Furthermore, CANAL+, with a robust subscriber base of 25.5 million, recently invested $300M in Viu, a leading OTT platform in Asia, securing a 26% stake.

This strategic move by CANAL+ triggered a 26% boost in Viaplay Group’s share price, bringing some relief to its shareholders.

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