VdoCipher Reaches Key Milestone of 2000+ Customers across 40+ Countries

Delhi, India 10th June 2021 Vdocipher Media Solutions, a company providing a secure video hosting platform with Hollywood grade DRM security for media and e-learning businesses, announced that it has now over 2000 businesses & organizations utilizing their video platform to safeguard premium videos. The company now serves businesses and organizations across 40+ countries and all 6 continents. Customers include e-learning businesses, Movie & Web Series Platforms, Colleges, Schools & Enterprises for their internal training. 

VdoCipher video platform has a unique video DRM offering in the sense that it integrates DRM encryption, dynamic watermarking with a fully packaged cloud server hosting and video player solution. Thus, VdoCipher has been effective in bringing the highest security technologies from the reach of large media enterprises to every size and type of business. 

Vdocipher is a direct DRM license partner with Google for Widevine DRM and also integrates Apple Fairplay DRM. With the backend licensing of URLs and DRM security, it ensures that no hack/downloader can grab or share the video. Additionally, a feature of viewer-specific watermarking with details like user id, phone no., email id, IP address discourages screen and camera capture. 

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Siddhant Jain, CEO, VdoCipher Media Solutions, stated the company’s mission is “We envision the internet as a place with rich and quality content, where the artists and course creators are not afraid to share their creation with the world, an internet where the contributors are recognized and have an incentive for creating great content. Premium video creators are afraid of releasing their content on the internet due to piracy. Our mission is to contribute to the video playback technology in making the internet a more content-rich place.

About VdoCipher Media Solutions

VdoCipher provides innovative video tech solutions for education & media businesses to help them serve content on their site/app with Hollywood grade security, refinement, and functionalities. A combination of Hollywood standard DRMs directly licensed with Google & Apple & proprietary viewer-specific watermarking ensures the highest security. 

Headquartered in Delhi, India; VdoCipher serves 2000+ business customers across 40+ countries. VdoCipher has won the best DRM video security company award by Streaming Media Magazine, Europe. VdoCipher also serves as a technical partner to AWS.

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