Torque Video Systems Pelican pushes Next-Gen Transcoding to eSports Operators

Amsterdam, Netherlands, September 15, 2023 – Torque Video Systems, the global provider of innovative solutions for digital television networks and streaming media services, announced that it is advancing its Pelican transcoding platform to optimize eSports streaming efficiency.

Torque Pelican provides mass decode-encode functionality for H.264/AVC and H.265/HEVC, for live IP transcode (UDP/RTP/HTTP) and file-based transcode workflows.  Supporting H.264, HEVC and HDR via a full VLSI chipset, Pelican provides up to 192 full HD transcodes in a 1RU form factor.

Danny Wilson, Founder and CEO of Torque Video Systems said, “The entire online gaming industry is in a frantic race to provide more and more frames per second at exceptional qualities. While that puts an intense strain on every step of the process, the demands on network and rendering infrastructure are particularly severe. The engineers fight a good fight all while their finance departments are chasing to reduce costs. The exceptional energy efficiency and small footprint make our Pelican Transcoder a key tool in reducing overall TCO without sacrificing latency or video quality.”

Torque Pelican is built highly scalable and cost-effective for live streaming and media file workflows. It consumes considerably less energy and rack space than traditional software or GPU-based transcoding systems. The savings are striking: in Europe, where electricity costs are much higher, switching to Pelican for, say, 1000 streams, can result in direct cost savings of over €200,000 annually.

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On-site demos are available at booth 1B09 throughout IBC, till September 18.

About Torque Video Systems

Torque Video Systems provides innovative products and solutions for digital television networks, content providers and OTT operators, allowing them to optimize quality while reducing costs.

Our flagship Pelican video transcode platform provides high quality video transcoding while using only a fraction of the cost, energy and footprint of alternative technologies. Highly energy efficient, Pelican pays for itself in months via dramatically reduced OPEX.

Other Torque products safeguard and optimize operations, including the DVStor for compliance recording and disaster recovery playout, as well as the DVMon transmission monitoring and analysis platform.

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