Synamedia Launches Quortex Link; To Showcase it at NAB 2023 

Synamedia unveiled Quortex Link, an industry-first, pay-as-you-use, self-service multi-tenant SaaS platform for video distribution. It transforms content distribution by removing the need for complex and costly static infrastructure. In one click, it simplifies the distribution of 24/7 channels and occasional-use content for events, news, sports, and pop-up channels.

Quortex Link dramatically reduces the time and investment required to establish video distribution links and cuts energy and CO2 by eliminating always-on infrastructure. Upending traditional business models, which previously took months and significant Capex, can now be achieved in seconds with low risk via a pay-as-you-use model.

Quortex Link transforms video distribution, enabling content providers to deliver live video content point-to-point globally through a reliable and secure cloud distribution network. Through its pay-as-you-use pricing model, providers only pay for the time a link is active, offering immense cost savings compared to traditional satellite or fiber delivery.

Designed as an open platform, it can deliver live streams using several protocols, including SRT or Zixi. Using advanced high-availability architectures, Quortex Link provides a fully secured and reliable distribution platform for premium live content.

“As the demand for live streaming content continues to grow, operators need new ways to deliver and manage high-quality content more efficiently and cost-effectively,” said Thomas Dellerue, Senior Product Manager, Synamedia. “With Quortex Link, content providers can deliver their content to multiple locations around the world, in a few clicks, keeping the same reliability as satellite delivery for a fraction of the cost. Our solution provides the flexibility they need to deliver their streams efficiently and at scale to hundreds of end points.”

Quortex Link supports a broad range of video distribution needs, complementing market-leading Vivid PowerVu, which offers secure 24/7 primary distribution to affiliates and MVPDs over satellite, CDN, and IP with advanced receiver control and edge processing. Synamedia’s Quortex offerings are a part of its Video Network portfolio, which is designed to meet the needs of all types of video service providers, from niche streamers through to tier-1 operators.

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The cloud-native architecture of this product line makes it possible to create live video workflows instantaneously through a web UI or a full-featured API. Its powerful scheduling capabilities support the management of temporary events and 24/7 distribution. Synamedia will showcase Quortex Link at the 2023 NAB Show.

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