Starzplay Unveils Blockchain-Powered Fantasy Sports Game: Introducing Interactive Football Engagement in the MENA Region

Starzplay launches a blockchain-based Fantasy sports game in MENA regions.

Starzplay, a prominent streaming service in the Middle East and North Africa regions, is set to unveil a new Web 3.0 football prediction game named Starzplay Fantasy Sports. 

This interactive football prediction game will be exclusively available on Starzplay Sports, coinciding with the Serie A 2023/24 season kickoff.

As viewers tune into live football matches, they can also venture into the game by making real-time predictions for Serie A and other regional league games. 

This feature allows users to engage more closely with the matches, as they can forecast outcomes such as scores and possession percentages and even pinpoint which player might score the first goal, all through intuitive in-game tools.

One of the standout features of this platform is the ability for participants to earn the in-game currency, Starz$. This currency can be exchanged for digital assets like NFTs or redeemed for various vouchers. 

Beyond this, the platform offers a range of rewards to keep users engaged. These include Starzplay subscriptions, exclusive Serie A merchandise, match tickets, and even opportunities to interact with renowned football personalities.

For those interested in NFTs, Starzplay Fantasy Sports provides a dynamic marketplace where players can purchase, trade, and showcase their NFT collections. This adds a layer of excitement and allows users to create their personalised teams.

Built with HTML5 technology, Starzplay Fantasy Sports operates on the Skale Network and games will be hosted on the Amazon AWS  platform to enhance user experience, especially during high-demand live matches.

Speaking about the new initiative, Alessandro Masaro, Starzplay’s Chief Strategy Officer, stated, “Innovation has always been the cornerstone of Starzplay’s success in the MENA region. With the launch of Starzplay Fantasy Sports, a unique blockchain offering, we’re setting the stage for users to experience sports in a new light and compete for phenomenal prizes. We aspire to transform Starzplay into a central hub for sports enthusiasts, creating more avenues for interaction and facilitating valuable relationships. We’re confident as this is just the beginning, with plans to branch out into various sports and leagues soon.”

Starzplay Fantasy Sports is set to launch in 19 countries across the Middle East and North Africa.

Recently, OTT platforms have been innovating to provide offerings outside the video content to increase user engagement. 

Notably, Netflix recently launched its game streaming services with limited access to its users in the UK and Canada. It plans to expand the offerings to other regions upon completing the testing phase. 

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