SKYmedia Corporation LLC Launches Go+ (PayTV Service) Powered by Mirada.

Mirada, a supplier of advanced digital TV products and services to operators and broadcasters, announced the rollout of Go+, a Pay TV service brought to fruition by the Mongolian company, SKYmedia Corporation LLC. This corporation, one of the country’s major communications providers, is a subsidiary of the telecommunications titan Skytel Group, called “Skytel.”

This development comes only a few months after Skytel decided to grant the expansion of their services to Mirada. This decision was made in light of the successful collaboration on the SkyGO app. Following this collaboration, the app quickly became prominent, securing the #1 spot as the most popular app on the Mongolian Google Play Store and Apple’s AppStore, and was made available on many devices, including laptops, iOS, and Android smartphones and tablets.

For the current launch, the massive user base of SkyGO, comprising hundreds of thousands of viewers, will be migrated to Go+.

This fresh service operates on a virtualized framework and introduces impressive features to elevate the viewing experience. Each user can look forward to personal profiles, individual content wishlists, keyword power search, advanced TVoD features, download & play functionality, and support for multiple languages, among many other user-centric features.

Mirada’s Iris technology offers operators a multitude of functionalities designed to enhance the user experience by personalizing the service to each user’s unique preferences. Everything from content recommendations to user interfaces and advertising is curated through the tools available on the Iris network. This includes a powerful analytics platform named LogIQ and the award-winning UX Evolver tool.

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These tools empower operators to customize and adapt the user interface to their audience’s evolving needs and wants.

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The launch of Skytel Go+ signifies a major expansion of the state-of-the-art viewing experience to an even wider range of connected devices, now also including Android TV set-top boxes equipped with a dedicated custom launcher. This landmark deployment, one of Mongolia’s largest leveraging Google-powered technology, further solidifies Skytel’s position in the marketplace.

It allows them to offer a unique super-aggregation of content strategy, seamlessly integrating catalogs from premium content providers into the Go+ platform.

Commenting on this significant advancement, Skytel Group CEO, Amarchingun Gantumur, stated:

“Mirada has proven to be an indispensable ally in our quest to provide our valued customers with the finest entertainment solutions. We are confident that the launch of Go+ will only further bolster our strong market presence. The cutting-edge technology and steadfast commitment to service quality that Mirada brings to the table make them the clear choice for this strategic expansion. We eagerly look forward to continuing our fruitful collaboration and delivering superior user experiences together.”

Mirada’s CEO, José-Luis Vázquez, also expressed his thoughts on this milestone:

“The rollout of Go+ marks a significant chapter in our collaboration with Skytel, and we are filled with pride. This successful partnership illustrates the deep-seated trust and confidence that our esteemed clients place in our technological prowess and domain expertise. We are thrilled about this new phase in our partnership and remain committed to delivering the best solution to meet the burgeoning demand for video entertainment in Mongolia.”

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