Sky Media’s New Approach: Tailoring Ads Based on Search Behaviour

Sky Media Introduces Search Behaviour Targeting

Sky Media, Sky’s advertising division, has introduced a new Search Behaviour targeting feature for its AdSmart platform. This feature enables brands to target audiences for the first time based on their online search patterns, including frequency and intent.

Collaboration with Captify

Sky Media, in collaboration with Captify, has developed the Search Behaviour targeting feature.

Captify, a Search Intelligence Platform on the open web, is the largest independent source of search data in Europe. It connects real-time searches from over 2 billion devices on 6 million websites in 5 languages worldwide and uses it to power omnichannel programmatic advertising. Captify claims to provide real-time insights without third-party cookies.

Sky Media Can Use Search Data for Targeted Advertising

By utilising search data categorised by frequency and intent and matching it with Sky’s proprietary data, advertisers can reach audiences actively searching for specific products and services. 

For instance, a holiday or insurance company could create a custom campaign to target individuals actively searching for holidays or flights. This targeting could be refined or creatively adapted to those looking at beaches, sightseeing, or ski holidays in a specific region.

In addition, Search Behaviour Targeting can track individuals throughout their purchasing journey, from initial research to adding items to their online cart. This search behaviour data can be combined with other AdSmart attributes such as postcodes, life stages, mosaic groups, or an advertiser’s data.

ℹ️ Mosaic groups are a consumer classification tool used in advertising to categorise households into segments based on demographics, lifestyle, and consumer behaviour, aiding targeted marketing campaigns.

The targeted ads are served to relevant households through live and on-demand content across Sky, Virgin, and Now homes.

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At launch, seven search behaviour categories are available: Home & Garden, Travel, News, Job & Education, Arts and Entertainment, Games, Pets and Animals. 

Ruth Cartwright, Investment Director at Sky Media, stated that television remains the most effective and engaging platform for brands. She added that combining the best digital features in the brand-safe, big-screen world of TV makes campaigns more relevant and impactful, which is what brands and agencies demand.

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