Showmax Gears Up for Africa Relaunch with New Branding, Partnerships, and Content Offerings

Showmax is set to relaunch its streaming services in Africa with new plans and content offerings this February 2024

Showmax is poised for a relaunch in Africa in February 2024, eight years after its debut in the South African streaming market. This relaunch follows a strategic partnership with Comcast’s NBCUniversal and Sky, signaling a significant evolution for Showmax.

New Plans and Premier League Offering

The revamped Showmax will introduce three subscription plans: Showmax Entertainment, Showmax Entertainment Mobile, and the pioneering Showmax Premier League. The latter, a collaboration with SuperSport, represents Africa’s first standalone Premier League mobile streaming service, promising to deliver every match of the world-renowned football league to fans throughout sub-Saharan Africa.

Brand and Technology Overhaul

Accompanying these changes, Showmax has unveiled a new logo and brand identity. Marc Jury, the CEO of Showmax, shared his enthusiasm about the transformation: “We can’t wait to share the new Showmax. We have an incredibly powerful new technology platform, a bold brand representing our driving spirit and an unmatched content slate.”

Global Platform Integration and Enhanced Content

A pivotal aspect of Showmax’s evolution is its integration with the Peacock streaming platform, renowned for its robust global reach and capabilities in large-scale sports streaming. This move is expected to scale up Showmax’s service offerings significantly.

Content-wise, Showmax is expanding its library with a focus on diversity and originality. The lineup includes Showmax’s first 2D animation, “Twende,” alongside new seasons of popular shows and various new series spanning different genres. Showmax is also set to release new episodes of “Spinners,” a joint venture with CANAL+, every Wednesday until December 27.

International Content Offerings

With the Comcast partnership, Showmax is set to experience a surge in international content. The December lineup already boasts major titles like “The Super Mario Bros. Movie” and “Fast X,” along with the Emmy-nominated “Poker Face” and “The Winter King.” Showmax will continue to source content from top studios such as Banijay, BBC, eOne Fremantle, HBO, ITV, Lionsgate, Paramount, Sony, and Warner Bros.

Industry Recognition and Future Outlook

Showmax’s innovation and market strength have earned it significant recognition. It was listed as one of the RoW40 by the Rest of World organization, acknowledging its edge over traditional tech giants. Furthermore, the 2023 BrandCom Awards in Nigeria named Showmax ‘The Most Innovative On-demand Video Streaming Platform.’

Marc Jury sums up Showmax’s vision and readiness to scale new heights: “Streaming in Africa is about to take off, and we’re ready to change the game. We have all the ingredients to become Africa’s number one streaming service.” This statement encapsulates Showmax’s commitment to leading the African streaming market and its readiness to adapt to the evolving digital entertainment landscape.

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