Roku’s Expansion of FAST Channels Continues: Strengthens Partnership with NBCUniversal

Roku strengthens its collaboration with NBCUniversal to introduce new FAST streaming channels.

Roku and NBCUniversal (NBCU) are strengthening their partnership by introducing additional free ad-supported streaming TV (FAST). This expansion will bring a range of shows from NBCU’s Global Distribution library to The Roku Channel, with further channels set to be added later in the year.

Here’s a Breakdown of the New Channels

  • Murder, She Wrote Channel: Known for the Emmy®-winning mystery drama featuring Angela Lansbury.
  • Little House on the Prairie Channel: Showcase episodes from the series that follow the Ingalls family’s adventures in the late 1800s, led by Michael Landon and Melissa Gilbert.
  • Universal Crime Channel: Offers episodes from series like “Columbo,” “Kojak,” and “The Rockford Files.”
  • Saved By The Bell Channel: Featuring episodes from the comedy series that trace the lives of a group of friends from high school to adulthood.
  • TNBC (Teen NBC) Channel: Episodes that cover adolescent experiences, including shows like “Punky Brewster” and “Major Dad.”
  • Bad Girls Club Channel: Highlighting episodes from the reality series about seven women on a journey of change.
  • Universal Action Channel: Which is expected to be launched later this year, features episodes from action series like “The A-Team,” “Magnum P.I.,” and “Knight Rider.”
  • Alfred Hitchcock Presents Channel: Set to showcase episodes from the Emmy®-winning anthology series by the iconic filmmaker.

Jennifer Vaux, VP of Content Acquisition & Programming for The Roku Channel, expressed about the extended partnership with NBCUniversal. She highlighted the growing traction of FAST in the market and the opportunity to present a rich lineup of renowned programming to Roku users.

Similarly, Bruce Casino, EVP of Sales & Distribution, U.S. for NBCUniversal Global Distribution, emphasised NBCUniversal’s extensive collection of timeless series. 

He conveyed his eagerness to delve deeper into the rapidly expanding FAST arena and collaborate with The Roku Channel to showcase their TV series to a broader audience.

Viewers can access these channels through The Roku Channel’s Live TV Guide on devices like Roku, Amazon Fire TVs, Google TV, Android TV OS and Samsung TVs

In 2017, the Roku Channel debuted as a Free Ad-Supported Television (FAST) service in the USA. 

After witnessing higher engagement on its FAST channels, Roku announced the expansion of its offerings. 

By the end of 2022, the platform boasted more than 350 FAST channels. Furthermore, this June saw the addition of 18 new channels to the roster.

The Rise of FAST Channels is one of the significant contributors to Roku’s growth. It is reflected in its Q2, 2023 financial performance. Roku gained 1.9 million new active accounts, an increase from the 1.6 million in Q1 2023 and reported total net revenue of $847 million, marking an 11% growth from the prior year.

Furthermore, Roku ventured into live streaming by broadcasting the prestigious 72nd Miss Universe event. Due to its reception, Roku secured a multi-year agreement with the Miss Universe Organization.

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