Red Bee and FabriQ Delivered The Streamers Concert Series to 5.6 Million Viewers

Red Bee Media and FabriQ Media Group have now delivered three livestreamed concerts with the Dutch band The Streamers, to a global audience of 5.6 million people, across 88 countries in total. The third and final installment of the concert series reached over 1.9 million viewers on Saturday, May 29th. All livestreams were delivered through Red Bee’s OTT Platform, on behalf of Tribe Company in the Netherlands. The Streamers was created after the award-winning livestream of Vrienden van Amstel in January, which was delivered by Red Bee and FabriQ to an, at the time, record-breaking audience of 1.7 million people.

“FabriQ has collaborated with Red Bee on multiple livestreams in the past year, including the record-breaking Vrienden van Amstel, and we knew that our production philosophy, ways of working and team spirit would enable us to successfully deliver a live streaming event of this size,” says Tim Verhulsdonck, Founder and Managing Partner, FabriQ Media Group. “The pandemic has forced us to think outside the box and help our customers to deliver live entertainment in new ways. As the world is opening up, we are looking forward to continue innovating and stream even more world-class entertainment together.”

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The Streamers performed together three times, between March 20th and May 27th, in three different locations, the Royal Theatre Carré in Amsterdam, Noordeinde Palace in the Hague, and finally in De Kuip Stadium in Rotterdam. All events were livestreamed globally for free through Red Bee’s OTT Platform, in broadcast-grade quality. Throughout the streams, Red Bee offered instant 24/7 support and full analytics during and after the events.

“We are very pleased to have been given the opportunity to join forces with FabriQ and successfully deliver The Streamers to a worldwide audience together,” says Anders Wassén, Head of OTT Development, Red Bee Media. “Having scaled up our livestreaming offering as massively as we have in the past six months, is a true testament to the quality of our OTT services and our dedicated staff. We can confidently say that we’re ready for even bigger challenges.”

Red Bee’s comprehensive OTT platform gives brands and content owners the possibility to launch a fully-fledged streaming service, rapidly and easily, no matter the audience or business idea. It supports all content formats including live, linear, catch-up and on-demand, streamed to a wide range of devices and operating systems. Red Bee can also offer a full range of monetization options (such as ad-support, subscription, pay-per-view and vouchers) and audience segmentation through advanced geo blocking functionality and DRM options. Many of Red Bee’s other services integrates easily with the platform, including content aggregation, metadata and automatic captioning.

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  • 3 livestreamed concerts – Amsterdam, The Hague and Rotterdam
  • More than 1 million tickets sold
  • Total viewership over 5.6 Million people in 88 countries worldwide

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