Pluto TV Debuts in Australia and New Zealand in Collaboration with 10 Play

Pluto TV’s Debut in Australia and New Zealand

Pluto TV will debut in Australia and New Zealand on August 31, rolling out over 50 Free Ad-Supported Streaming Television (FAST) channels

These channels will showcase a wide range of content, including selections from Paramount’s extensive film and television repository and news and shows from Network 10, a company-owned Australian broadcast network.

Pluto TV is a free video streaming platform launched in 2013 and is currently available in the US, Canada, UK, and Nordic regions. In 2022, Paramount’s company-owned Pluto TV partnered with Google TV. This collaboration resulted in the launch of over 300 Free Ad-Supported Streaming Television (FAST) Pluto channels, now accessible on Google TV and Android TV OS devices.

Integration with 10 Play

Contrary to its usual operation in other regions, where Pluto TV functions as an independent app, it will be incorporated into 10 Play in Australia and New Zealand. 10 Play is a streaming service associated with Network 10, owned by Paramount Networks UK & Australia.

The success of 10 Play

Jarrod Villani, Executive Vice President, Chief Operating and Commercial Officer, and Regional Lead for Paramount Australia & New Zealand (ANZ), expressed his excitement: “We’re thrilled to offer our consumers a preview of the exceptional lean-back experience that Pluto TV provides. We’re eager to present our Australian viewers with dedicated and curated content for every generation and taste, featuring cult classics and global smash hit TV series to entertain existing fans and attract new ones.”

Villani added, “This announcement builds on the success of 10 Play in 2023, which was the platform’s most successful year ever, with minutes viewed increasing by 21% compared to 2022. It provides 10 Play with a unique and strong differentiator in the Australian market, building on nearly a decade of insights gathered from delivering alternate viewing experiences.”

Anticipation from Pluto TV’s Top Executives

Olivier Jollet, the EVP and International General Manager for Pluto TV, shared his excitement, “The launch of these 50 Pluto TV channels signifies our first interaction with the Australian audience. We’re thrilled to celebrate this landmark by collaborating with 10 Play, which once again highlights the strength of our Paramount ecosystem.”

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“Being pioneers in the FAST industry, we’re introducing a fresh and unique user experience via channels dedicated to this market. Our blend of local and international content, which aligns with the needs of our local audiences, is what renders Pluto TV so valuable for viewers, clients, and partners across the globe,” 

New Lineup on Pluto TV

The newly introduced lineup on Pluto TV will include South Park and new and exclusive MTV and Nickelodeon channels, such as MTV Reality, MTV The Shores, Nick Classics, and Nick Toons. 

Additionally, viewers can look forward to legendary titles such as I Love Lucy, Happy Days, Dynasty, and more. Pluto TV also mentioned that more content and channels will be announced as the launch date approaches.

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