Penthera Announces New Patents For Streaming Video Ads; Named to Streaming Media Magazine’s Streaming Media 50 List 

Global SaaS Leader With More Than 20 Essential Patents Recognized As One of 50 Most Innovative Video Companies By Streaming Media Magazine

New York, October 11, 2022 -Penthera, a leading provider of video streaming solutions for OTT providers across 36 countries and more than 150 million devices, today announced that it has received three new patents from the U.S. Patent Office: U.S. Patent 11438673 is for Presenting Media Items on a Playing Device; U.S. Patent 11438675 is for Subsequent Look Media Presentation on a Playing Device; and U.S. Patent 11418768 is for Features of Video Ad Downloads to Mobile Devices. The patents were granted the same week that Penthera was named to Streaming Media Magazine’s 2022 Streaming Media 50 list, the publication’s annual list of the most innovative, and most interesting companies in the online video space. 

Penthera is long established as a trusted expert in solving customer experience issues, and well-recognized by leading global OTT publishers, from Liberty Global to Paramount, as well as the likes of Virgin, OSN, Sky Go, Viki Rakuten, and many other major OTT services. The patents affirm Penthera’s critical role in the streaming industry’s infrastructure for on-demand and live streaming technology, as well as its growing influence in the advertising innovations necessary for the switch to Advertising Video On-Demand (AVOD) and Free Ad-Supported Streaming(FAST) services.  

Penthera recently launched its 2nd Look product, a cloud-based innovation that helps AVOD publishers deliver ads more effectively and efficiently using their existing infrastructure. Based on Penthera’s patented technology, 2nd Look enables publishers using Server-Side Ad Insertion (SSAI) to defer ad decisions to immediately before the ads will serve. By enabling this more flexible ad-decision timing, 2nd Look reduces common issues with SSAI, including decision time-out failures, low-bid density, low render rates, and expired time-to-live windows that cause valuable ad inventory to be under-monetized. The cloud-based 2nd Look also improves the customer experience by eliminating start-up delays caused by all ad decisions having to be made before content starts.

“We’re honored to be recognized by Streaming Media as an innovation leader in the online video industry,” said Brian Kline, president of Penthera. “Our team has developed a portfolio of more than 20 patents in essential areas of the streaming industry and our latest patents, as well as the launch of our 2nd Look product, provide testimony to the leading technical solutions that we have provided OTT publishers since our company’s founding.”  

With the growth of programmatic ad sources, many service publishers experience frequent decision time-outs, bidding density issues, and time-to-live expirations that cause significant revenue losses. According to eMarketer, OTT programmatic ad spending increased 82.4% in 2021, and advertising spend will increase to $123.2 billion in 2022. 

“The annual Streaming Media 50 list foregrounds the industry’s most innovative and influential technology suppliers, service providers, and platforms, as acclaimed by our editorial team,” said Streaming Media Editor-in-Chief and VP Steve Nathans-Kelly. “Some are large and established industry standard-bearers; others are comparably small and relatively new arrivals just beginning to make a splash. All set themselves apart from the crowd with their innovative approach and their commitment to serve the customer and advance the industry.”

About Penthera

Penthera is a leading global SaaS company that provides video streaming solutions to OTT providers across 36 countries and over 150 million devices. Long established as a trusted partner in solving customer experience issues, Penthera now helps the ad-supported video industry increase revenue with 2nd Look, its cloud-based product that delivers higher fill rates, render rates, and CPMs to AVOD services using Server-Side Ad Insertion. Major clients include leading entertainment, news, and fitness brands such as Paramount+, Showtime, Fox, Beachbody, Cinepolis, Liberty Global, and Obé Fitness.
Based in New York City, more information about Penthera is available at and

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