Paramount+ to Launch in Japan on December 1st in Collaboration with J:COM and WOWOW

Paramount+ is set to launch in Japan via partnerships with J:COM and WOWOW, from December 1.

J:COM stands as a leading name in Japan’s cable television and broadband sector, while WOWOW holds a reputation as the premier subscription-based channel. Japan became the second Asian country to welcome Paramount+, following its introduction in Korea the previous year.

Marco Nobili, the top executive overseeing Paramount+ International, shared his enthusiasm for the Japanese debut, noting: “Launching Paramount+ in Japan allows us to provide numerous renowned films and series to enthusiasts in the most pivotal streaming territories across the globe. This is a significant moment for our platform and crucial for the evolution of our streaming sector.”

He added, “I look forward to intensifying our ties with both J:COM and WOWOW, promising their viewers an array of unmatched content, including the famed offerings from our illustrious studios and franchises.”

Yoichi Iwaki, leading J:COM, remarked, “Paramount Global has been a consistent content supplier, including the MTV channel and a slew of films and series for J:COM TV. This content has always been a major attraction on J:COM TV, garnering significant patronage. It’s gratifying to extend Paramount’s diverse content to the Japanese public. 

We are dedicated to showcasing enticing content, including Paramount+ exclusives, via J:COM STREAM. In partnership with our longtime ally, WOWOW, we are committed to ensuring Paramount+ thrives in Japan. Furthermore, our goal is to fortify our collaborations to uplift the entertainment quotient for our audience.”

Akira Tanaka, spearheading WOWOW, expressed: “For decades, Paramount Global has been at the forefront of American cinema and television, churning out masterpieces that resonate globally. WOWOW’s two-decade association with Paramount Global has meant that our subscribers have enjoyed a rich array of Hollywood offerings. 

This collaboration allows us to amplify our content range from Paramount+, including international cinema and series, accessible on-demand via WOWOW. Teaming up with JCOM, our objective is the widespread success of Paramount+ in Japan. Our alliance with Paramount is exhilarating, and we’re keen on expanding our synergies with both corporations, hoping to embark on innovative ventures using the content at hand.”

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