Orange España Collaborates with SportsTribal TV to Introduce Seven New FAST Sports Channels for Its Audience

Orange España launches seven new sports-centric FAST Channels to its viewers.

Orange España is enhancing its television lineup by introducing seven new sports-centric FAST channels. This will grant Orange TV subscribers in Spain access to a more diverse range of sports content without additional subscription costs. The range of content will include American football, basketball, tennis, motor racing, golf, and winter sports, among others.

These additional channels are sourced from SportsTribal TV, a European sports streaming platform that supports advertisements. The lineup includes the following channels.

  1. PAC-12 Insider: This channel delves into university sports in the United States, showcasing up-and-coming stars destined for leagues like the NBA, NFL, and MLB. It also highlights sports such as volleyball, soccer, and various Olympic disciplines.
  1. USGATV: A channel dedicated to the world of golf. It offers insights into the USA circuit, including the US Open, showcases legendary games and shots, and features specials on golf legends like Tiger Woods, Rahm, and Nicklaus.
  1. Ski TV: For winter sports enthusiasts, this channel provides coverage of extreme skiing and offers reports on lifestyle, weather updates, and ski resort overviews.
  1. EDGEsport: This is the destination for fans of extreme sports. The channel covers action-packed adventures such as free skiing, snowboarding, skateboarding, surf skating, BMX, and cross-country events.
  1. Motorsport TV: Motor racing enthusiasts can indulge in content ranging from tourism and grand tourism to off-road races, motocross, FIA karting, LeMans series, EuroNASCAR, GT Eurocup, DMT, and more.
  1. Tennis Channel: This channel caters to tennis lovers, featuring live tournaments (including ATP and WTA) and iconic matches spotlighting legends like Nadal, Federer, and McEnroe, and also offers insights into training, nutrition, and classes.
  1. MyPadel TV: A channel produced in Spain focusing on paddle tennis. It features competitive games, training sessions, paddle tennis classes, lifestyle segments, and more.
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Ignacio García-Legaz, the general director of Orange Television Area, commented on the new additions. He highlighted Orange’s commitment to enriching its entertainment offerings and expressed gratitude for the collaborative efforts with leading content providers domestically and internationally.

Frank Bowe, the CEO of SportsTribal TV, shared his enthusiasm regarding their collaboration with Orange, emphasizing its innovative nature and the potential to bring more sports content to a global audience.

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