OMTV and PlayBox TV Collaborate to Boost Premium Spiritual Content as Youth Interest Surges

OMTV Collaborates with PlayBox TV to Broaden Premium Spiritual Content.

OMTV, a spirituality-focused platform, has partnered with PlayBox TV.  This collaboration aims to introduce enhanced spiritual content for their paid subscribers. 

While OMTV has been known for its free spiritual content, this new venture marks its foray into premium offerings, ensuring a better experience for its audience.

With the support of PlayBox TV, OMTV is set to expand its reach and leverage advanced technology. PlayBox TV is accessible on Android Mobile, Android TV and Amazon Fire TV, thus will benefit OMTV to reach a wider user base. 

Nitin Jai Shukla, the head of OMTV, conveyed his enthusiasm about this collaboration, highlighting its potential to amplify the platform’s reach.

On the other hand, PlayBox TV, known for its wide range of content, stands to benefit from the inclusion of OMTV’s spiritually oriented-content. This partnership enriches PlayBox TV’s content spectrum and strengthens its position in the spiritual entertainment sector.

Subscribers of PlayBox TV can expect a wide range of curated content, which includes teachings from renowned spiritual leaders and immersive meditation experiences, promising a transformative viewing experience.

Echoing this sentiment, Aamir Mulani, the founder of PlayBox TV, expressed confidence in this partnership’s value. Shalindera Sawant, PlayBox TV’s CTO, shared similar enthusiasm about this collaboration.

Together, OMTV and PlayBox TV envision a platform that fosters spiritual growth, blending it seamlessly with innovation and quality. 

OMTV Survey Highlights Youth’s Growing Interest in Spiritual Content.

OMTV, an Indic storytelling app, recently surveyed 2,500 users.

  • 80% of the app’s viewership is from the 18-30 age demographic, of which 85% are male, 15% are female, and the majority are from the Hindi-speaking market
  • Most of these young viewers hail from tier 2 cities, notably Indore, Jaipur, and Kanpur.
  • 20% of survey participants over 30 show limited interest in religion-focused content, with a gender distribution of 70% male and 30% female.
  • The top show on OMTV is “KALAM – Gita Stories,” inspired by an event from Dr APJ Abdul Kalam Azad’s life.
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Commenting on the increasing young user base on the app, Nitin Jai Shukla, the Founder & MD of OMTV, observed, 

“The current dynamics of Indian society sees a shift in the youth’s attitude towards religious content. 

This change is influenced by factors like social media overuse, negative perceptions about India, urban stress, educational challenges, mental health issues, and the breakdown of extended families. 

Religious content serves as a link, helping them reconnect with their cultural and spiritual heritage. 

By promoting a holistic view of religious content and offering support in areas like mental well-being and career advice, we aim to assist the youth in navigating today’s challenges while maintaining their cultural ties.”

Since its launch on July 2021, the OMTV app has attracted over 45,000 downloads organically, highlighting its increasing user appeal.

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