Narrative Entertainment Launches Its FAST Channels, Pop and Tiny Pop on Samsung + and Netgem

UK-based Narrative Entertainment is set to launch its FAST Channels on Samsung + and Netgem.

Narrative Entertainment is set to launch two of its FAST channels, POP and Tiny Pop, on platforms like Samsung+ and Netgem. The channels will be launched on 13th September, substituting the existing POP Kids FAST channel. 

The POP Kids FAST channel will also change its name to POP on platforms such as LG, Hisense, and Rakuten.

Francesca Newington, who heads the POP Channels, expressed her enthusiasm about revamping and expanding their FAST channels. She emphasized their commitment to offering quality content to families at no cost through FAST TV. 

She added that POP continually seeks innovative ways to present its rich content to fresh viewers. FAST TV is a medium that bolsters their brand’s visibility and helps them tap into new segments of the free viewership market.

Tiny Pop is geared towards a young audience of 4-6 years, presenting shows infused with creativity, imagination, and memorable characters. The channel will feature popular shows like Hello Kitty: Super Style! and Masha and the Bear, with the addition of beloved programs such as Gigantosaurus, Simon, and Dino Ranch.

On the other hand, POP targets children aged 6-10, offering a dynamic blend of thrilling escapades and side-splitting humour, all centred around captivating characters. This September, viewers can look forward to new inclusions like LEGO Dreamzzz and Total Dramarama, which will accompany existing hits like Miraculous and Dragon Ball Super on the channel’s roster.

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Last year, Narrative Entertainment revealed that its trio of POP channels, namely POP, Tiny Pop, and POP MAX, has engaged over 4 million children through linear broadcasts. Additionally, these channels can be accessed through their AVOD catch-up service, known as the POP Player.

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