KILOVIEW launches its new device management platform KILOLINK Server Free

KILOLINK Server Free offers a more effective workflow, multi-link aggregation, and safer data transmission for all KILOVIEW products.

China, 13 June 2022: KILOVIEW, a leading provider of IP video transmission solutions, has announced today the global launch of its new device management platform KILOLINK Server Free, a milestone in the product roadmap announced by the company earlier this year.

The cloud-based KILOLINK Server Free platform allows customers to manage and set all their KILOVIEW encoders, decoders, NDI converters, and software in just one VPN-encrypted environment, providing an effective workflow, a safer data transmission, and a better user experience.

Compared to the previous version of KILOLINK Server, which operated only with KILOVIEW P series for cellular bonding, video encryption, and remote management, the new KILOLINK Server Free enables customers to take control over all paired KILOVIEW devices across long distances.

For users managing dozens of KILOVIEW devices, the KILOLINK Server Free releases the pains of jumping back and forth between multiple user interfaces, by implementing just one intuitive dashboard for all devices.  Customers are allowed to upgrade firmware, restore factory settings, or restart devices with a few clicks.

Here are some of the key features of KILOLINK Server Free:

  1. Safe and reliable bonding network transmission, based on RUDP and TLS1.3, that performs significantly better than traditional TCP protocols.
  2. Bonding server
  3. All KILOVIEW products supported – encoders and decoders, hardware and software, including all KILOVIEW NDI converters, Cradle series, Multiviewer, and NDI CORE.
  4. Real-time monitoring and control to show the status of each device and associated video & audio.
  5. Fast upgrading, restoring, reset and direct access to device management interface.
  6. Both Cloud and on-premises deployment supported.
  7. Easy to install and to use platform.
  8. Free for the current release, allowing up to 32 connected devices.
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“We’ve been receiving very positive feedback since last year when we released the KILOLINK Server for bonding featuring P series. We’ve seen how it has helped people deliver and manage videos in a safer, quicker, and easier way. That’s why we’re confident and determined to bring it a step forward and apply KILOLINK on all other KILOVIEW products,” says Judy Zuo, VP and Head of Sales & Marketing at KILOVIEW.

KILOLINK Server Free is supported by the most popular web browsers such as Chrome, Edge, and Safari, enabling users to log in to the management software anytime, from anywhere. To find out more about KILOLINK Server, please visit:


KILOVIEW is a software development company that produces top-quality IP-based video transmission gears for our customers in the pro-AV area. Established in 2011, KILOVIEW has sold to over 100 countries’ markets, and stemmed from staying connected to its loyal customer base. With a variety of encoders, decoders, NDI converters, NDI software options available, customers have benefited from transmitting videos via WAN/LAN/Internet, flexible video encoding/decoding, and affordable live streaming infrastructure.

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