How to Convert Anonymous OTT Visitors Into Subscribers? 8 Effective Strategies

8 Proven Ways to Improve Subscriber Conversion Rate

OTT service providers must be familiar with the fact that more than 90% of their visitors are anonymous. Anonymous users are those who have visited your platform but never shared any contact information with you. As a service provider, you need to track who these visitors are, implement targeted marketing, and turn them into paying subscribers. [source]

Leading OTT providers such as SunNXT, Aha, Hotstar, Netflix, and others track and target their anonymous visitors to lure them into becoming potential subscribers by offering them more interesting content suiting their criteria. 

Read on to know some of the best practices to monitor/track anonymous OTT visitors and turn them into paid subscribers to your platform.

Push Notifications

Push notifications are a great way to connect to your audience and keep them informed about the latest offers/releases. One of the most common use cases of push notifications is notifying viewers before any live event/match. Along with providing a personalized experience, OTT service providers can use these pop-ups to bring back inactive users and ultimately convert them to subscribers. 

The best chance of a user opting for push notifications is during onboarding, wherein OTT service providers can request users to opt for these alerts. Getting the user’s consent will make your notifications feel less intrusive.

push notifications to convert anonymous visitors to subscribers

Advanced Analytics 

As a business owner, you should choose an OTT platform for streaming that can provide you with rich analytical insights. Data analytics can help you generate information about anonymous visitors. You can know about the source of the visit, time spent, interest, etc., via reports generated from these deets. One of the best practices to know more about anonymous visitors is to ask for their location while they land on your platform.

Personalized Banners

You can recommend content to your audiences via slider banners on the homepage. This will help users in spending less time deciding what to watch. Data analytics can be used as a tool to generate personalized banners for your users according to their interests which is again a great way to retain them on your platform time and again.  

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Attract Leads with Bonus Content

Audiences love it when offered more than what they pay for. The users are more likely to opt for subscriptions when given free bonus content such as blooper videos, behind-the-scenes footage, or fun facts about the crew. Enrich your business model with a worthy addition of anything extra.

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Social Media Promotions

Social media is all the rage now and there is no better space to convert users to sign up on your platform than this. Make the best use of personalized ad campaigns, initiate conversations, conduct polls, or go live to create an impressive picture of your brand and the content you own. Social media promotions in specific generate amazing traffic, especially attracting people who are genuinely interested in paying for your content. 

social media promotions to convert anonymous visitors to subscribers
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In-App Messaging

To earn a subscriber, businesses have to stay one step ahead in the OTT game. Sending in-app messages is one of the newest ways to make your audiences feel connected to your platform. Notify visitors about the latest movie releases, or a new season of their favorite web series using the in-app messaging facility. Also offer discounts, or personalized subscription packages to make them feel special about subscribing to your service.  

User Feedback

Collect reviews/feedback from your users for providing a better video streaming experience. By this, you will get to know about the shortcomings of your digital services and can fix them in time. Moreover, anonymous users might have to provide their contact information if they opt for giving feedback. These personal details can be used for marketing purposes that revolve around turning them into subscribers. 

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Email Marketing 

A tried and tested strategy for sure shot conversion rates, email marketing does wonders to acquire subscribers. Be it welcome mailers, updates on latest releases, or offering promotions and discount codes on monthly/ annual plans, the scope of email marketing is vast and highly rewarding all at once. 

Targeting anonymous users is a more narrowed-down marketing approach compared to its generic counterpart. However, with the right tools, it is possible to earn loyal subscribers and reduce churn effectively. The right solution provider offers advanced features in the form of personalization, high-end marketing, and analytical tools to increase your subscriber count for impressive results. 


The conversion of anonymous visitors into familiar users and then into potential customers is a herculean task. With the right strategy and tools, it is an easy way to earn loyal subscribers and reduce the churn effectively.

OTT businesses will jump to the next level with smarter handling and understanding of the user base, enhancing marketing activities, predicting user behavior, optimizing audience acquisition, engagement, and retention.

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