Free MPEG-DASH MPD (manifest) Examples for Testing

Here is a list of free MPEG-DASH mpd (Manifest) test URLs for testing OTT DASH Video Players (including Big Buck Bunny, Tears of Steel, and mpd URLs from BBC, Dolby, Bitmovin, etc.).

MPEG-DASH mpd or Manifest Test URLs

When you are working with MPEG-DASH (either writing a packager, or writing an MPEG-DASH-compliant player, or you just want to see how MPEG-DASH works), it is always convenient to have a few sample MPEG-DASH manifest examples or URLs to test against – right?

I always find myself googling for such URLs, so I have made a list of them right here for you!

If you are looking for HLS, then check out our collection of free HLS m3u8 test URLs.

1. MPEG-DASH IF’s mpd resource page

This is the #1 resource for example mpd files and comes directly from the MPEG-DASH body that governs and guides the development of the MPEG-DASH standard.


Here are a few examples from that list of free example mpd files.

  1. Low Latency Chunked Single-Bitrate, AVC, and AAC:
  2. 10-bit UHD SDR Live profile mpd:
  3. Switching across adaptation set – With switching element:
  4. AVC, Multi-Resolution Multi-Rate, Live profile, SegmentTimeline mpd:
  5. AVC, Multi-Resolution Multi-Rate, Live profile, upto 1080p mpd:
  6. AVC, Single-Resolution Multi-Rate, Live profile mpd:

This is a small sample set of the large number of helpful and diverse MPEG-DASH mpd files that the group maintains. Do check it out.

2. Bitmovin’s sample MPEG-DASH mpd file


If you go to Bitmovin’s sample DASH playback page, you can find a few PEG-DASH mpd URLs. The cool part is that you can even insert ads, add DRM, and inspect DASH playback. Here is a direct link to their mpd – thanks, Bitmovin!

3. MPEG-DASH mpd URLs maintained by the Institute of Information Technology (ITEC) 

  1. Big Buck Bunny MPD:
  2. Tears of Steel MPD:
  3. ELephants Dream MPD:

For the entire set of mpd files that ITEC maintains, please go to their website ( It is a fantastic resource with a large number of segment durations for each of the videos. Great job!

Credit: Stefan Lederer, Christopher Müller and Christian Timmerer, “Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP Dataset”, In Proceedings of the ACM Multimedia Systems Conference 2012, Chapel Hill, North Carolina, February 22-24, 2012.

4. Dolby Vision MPEG-DASH mpd (Dolby Vision Profile 8.1 – Dolby Atmos)


5. BBC’s list of free MPEG-DASH mpd files

  1. Big Buck Bunny mpd:
  2. Elephants Dream mpd:
  3. TestCard mpd:

6. MPEG-DASH mpd example from Kevin Goodall’s Github page


Free HLS m3u8 URLs?

PS: If you are looking for HLS m3u8 files, then check out OTTVerse’s collection of free HLS m3u8 files.

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