Five-Year, €1.5 Billion Contract: Infosys to Oversee The Development and Operations of Liberty Global’s Horizon Platform.

Infosys Secures 5-Year Contract with Liberty Global for Horizon Platform Valued at €1.5 Billion

Infosys is set to manage the development and operations of Liberty Global’s Horizon entertainment and connectivity systems for five years. 

This agreement, valued at €1.5 billion, has also provided the option to extend this partnership to eight years for €2.3 billion. On top of this, 400 Liberty Global staff members are expected to move to Infosys.

Through this partnership, Liberty Global anticipates achieving annual savings exceeding €100 million, accounting for other cost reductions and tech investments.

Horizon plays a pivotal role in Liberty Global’s service distribution approach. Serving as the primary platform for the network operator’s 10 million TV/video subscribers across Belgium, Ireland, Switzerland, the Netherlands, the UK, and Slovakia.

It facilitates real-time TV broadcasting, on-demand and catch-up services, integration with third-party apps like Netflix, and access to games, music, and more.

Since 2020, the Horizon platform’s development and operations have been overseen by the service provider, with Infosys playing a pivotal role. 

Their collaboration has facilitated Liberty Global’s transition to Horizon onto a cloud framework, leveraging Infosys’s Cobalt cloud transformation techniques and tools. The partnership is now gearing up for a significant enhancement.

Furthermore, Liberty Global will grant Infosys the rights to offer these platforms to other service providers and explore new markets beyond the Liberty Global network.

Despite this collaboration, Liberty Global will maintain control over the product development plans and hold all intellectual rights for the Horizon platforms. Liberty Global will leverage Infosys’ advanced AI capabilities but not solely rely on its AI and Cloud services. Liberty Global remains in charge of its technological direction and the selection of AI providers.

While asked about this collaboration, Mike Fries, the CEO of Liberty Global, expressed that deepening ties with Infosys will enhance their solutions, allowing them to penetrate more markets and improve customer experiences. This partnership results in significant cost savings and offers Liberty Global’s team opportunities for skill development and career growth at Infosys.

On a similar note, Enrique Rodriguez, Liberty Global’s CTO, views this extended partnership as a strategic move to enhance their digital entertainment and connectivity offerings while setting the stage for future innovations.

With this new collaboration, Anand Swaminathan, EVP at Infosys, highlighted that their alliance with Liberty Global will introduce cutting-edge, AI-driven entertainment services to 10 million Liberty Global customers. Infosys plans to present these platforms as a top choice for other telecommunications companies.

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