FFmpeg Builds

Windows 64bit FFmpeg builds (static, shared) are uploaded every Wednesday by 4:30 pm UTC. The naming convention used is ffmpeg-yyyymmdd-ffmpegCommitID

VersionWin 64-bit
ffmpeg-20210217-8331eb058dstatic, shared


  1. Starting Sept 23rd, FFmpeg Windows 64-bit (static and shared) builds will be uploaded each Wednesday by 10:00 pm IST (4:30 pm UTC). I will also provide Release Builds as needed (soon).
  2. All builds are licensed as GPL 3.0.
  3. I will maintain a rolling window of 4 builds.
  4. Static builds include all components linked into the executable, while shared builds rely on libraries (.dll or .dylib) to operate. Most users should use the static build, while developers need to use the shared builds.(text copied & modified from Zeranoe)

Email me if

  • you find any issues, or
  • you have feature requests, or
  • you prefer more builds/week, or
  • require executables for new codecs like VVC or tools such as mp4boxmediainfo, and I will work on them as time permits.

I am sure, with time, everything will stabilize!

For macOS builds, please check out evermeet.cx. FYI, it’s easy to build FFmpeg for macOS using homebrew – I’ve written about it here. Thank you to ZeranoeRDP, and media-autobuild-suite for all the help.

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