Fabric Acquires Internet Video Archive (IVA) to create next generation Media and Entertainment Data Ecosystem

Los Angeles, January 23, 2023  Fabric, the leader in media and entertainment catalog management, has acquired Internet Video Archive (IVA).  For the past 18 years, IVA has been providing movie, TV, and game promotional content to some of the largest names in the media industry.  IVA’s database has one of the most complete inventories of entertainment trailers, as well as a substantial baseline catalog of film and television metadata, and is built upon a set of easy to implement APIs.  IVA also provides insights on titles that are trending on a daily basis, up-to the minute rankings, future releases, and links to where to view or purchase content. The acquisition enables Fabric, whose clients include Warner Bros. Discovery, Paramount Global, HBO, MGM, and FOX, to provide an even greater value by instantly matching titles to IVA’s library, and enabling the sharing of data across Fabric customers.

 “With mutual clients calling for IVA to integrate with Fabric, it was clear that our two services were highly complementary,” said Rhodes Mason, President of IVA. “Fabric’s ability to connect supply chain systems as well as manage and enrich titles is a natural fit for IVA.  The combination can enable both enrichment and data matching, as well the potential to update tens of millions of consumers across IVA’s content discovery platforms in an instant.  This benefits IVA’s clients with real-time data at the point of creation and gives Fabric’s customers greater control of data provenance. The combination of the two companies will enable customers to efficiently capitalize on all the new and innovative entertainment products that exist today and into the future.”

Since its inception in 2018, Fabric now securely manages over 20 million titles for its customers, enriching catalogs with thousands of attributes that help to better connect content with audiences around the world. In addition, Fabric’s native enrichment and supply chain automation processes provide its customers combined savings more than $10 million annually compared to tasks that have historically been managed manually.

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“Integrating IVA’s services natively into the Fabric platform will help standardize our clients’ title catalogs more easily, provide insights about their marketing, and verify their licensing across streaming platforms,” said Rob Delf, CEO of Fabric. “At the end of the day, this acquisition is about listening to the needs of our customers and coming up with ways to deliver more value through our tools and services.  This acquisition will only accelerate Fabric’s ability to manage customer title catalogs efficiently and cost-effectively in one place, and enable the sharing of that information with better control and accuracy.”

About Fabric

Fabric provides the entertainment industry with the world’s best data solutions, helping them to connect people with the content that they love. Fabric’s software enables customers to store identification, editorial, technical, discovery, and AI-generated content metadata and also provides a unique front-end to modern media supply chains. This makes data from previously disparate systems accessible to business users through a beautiful single application for review, curation, and reporting. To learn more, visit https://www.fabricdata.com

About IVA

IVA is a B2B entertainment data company, offering the world’s best promotional video library, integrated with marquee and celebrity images, complete entertainment metadata, and mission critical support.  IVA has been a technology pioneer in the entertainment ecosystem for over eighteen years, offering one of the first entertainment-based APIs and one of the first companies to deliver trailers on smartphones, tablets, and connected TV’s.  IVA assists online publishers, retailers, MVPD & OTT operators, digital newspapers & magazines, theater owners, and consumer electronic companies in building the next generation of content discovery interfaces. To learn more, visit: https://internetvideoarchive.com

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