CME’s Play Premium Rebrands and Launches as Voyo in Croatia

CME has launched the Voyo streaming platform in Croatia.

The Central European Media Enterprises has rebranded its previously known RTL Croatia‘s Play Premium streaming platform to Voyo, launched on August 27 in Croatia. 

This shift aligns with CME’s broader streaming strategy for Central & Eastern Europe, where Voyo already has a subscriber base of 570,000 users.

Voyo provides a wide range of content, offering approximately 10,000 hours of varied programming. Notable inclusions in their collection are the scripted series “San Snova,” which delves into the struggles of a top-tier footballer after a devastating career setback, and a well-received local version of the reality show “Farmers Wants A Wife” (Ljubav je na selu).

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CME’s Play Premium Rebrands and Launches as Voyo in Croatia

Also, the International content is localised for Croatian audiences with translations, children’s programs are dubbed, and sports content comes with native Croatian commentators.

The Platform subscription fee is priced at €5.99 for newcomers. Also, the service remains ad-free and offers an edge over regular broadcasts, allowing content access ahead of linear transmission on RTL Croatia. A special provision for existing subscribers lets them continue with their current €3.99 rate. 

All content on Voyo can be accessed across various devices, from smart TVs and smartphones to tablets, computers, and even through Chromecast on supported devices. 

Voyo includes on-demand content and allows users to watch live streams of RTL’s channels, including RTL, RTL2, RTL Kockica, RTL Crime, RTL Passion, RTL Living, and RTL Adrija.

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Having acquired RTL Croatia in 2022, CME announced its plan to rebrand the streaming service in June 2023. Besides Croatia, the Voyo brand serves audiences in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Moldova, Romania, and Slovenia.

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