AVIWEST Leads DEEPTEC Project to Demonstrate Green Live-Event Coverage and Delivery Using 5G and Cloud

DEEPTEC Addresses Growing Concerns About the Impact of Energy in the
Streaming Sector

SAINT-GRÉGOIRE, France — Jan. 26, 2022 — AVIWEST, a leading provider of live video contribution solutions, today joins the DEEPTEC project consortium with TDF and IETR (Institut d’Electronique et des Technologies du numéRique) to develop a sustainable and fully virtualized live streaming workflow over 5G networks. Delivery over Energy-Efficient Processing and Transcoding in Edge Computing (DEEPTEC) is a two-year collaborative project supported by the Images & Réseaux team (the competitive cluster for digital innovation in the Pays de la Loire and Brittany regions), funded by the Brittany region and the Metropole of Rennes.

This innovative consortium will demonstrate that combining the greater capacity and reliability of 5G technology with evolving media distribution techniques; the latest compression technologies; and high-performance, cloud-based architectures can reduce the expense of deploying broadcast resources, including on-site crews, high-frequency systems, and OB trucks, while improving quality of experience (QoE) for end users.

Nicolas Dhollande, research and innovation manager at AVIWEST, said, “We are eager to collaborate with the IETR and TDF to pave the way for a new green standard of live production that will help broadcasters and production companies to dramatically reduce environmental impacts, costs, and logistical burdens for organizing events.”

AVIWEST is providing DEEPTEC with the company’s latest transmission technologies: the new PRO460-5G bonded cellular transmitter, its double Emmy®-Award-winning Safe Stream Transport technology, and its SaaS StreamHub receiver deployed in Multi-Access Edge Computing (MEC). The convergence between 5G and MEC is a game-changer that will allow reliable live remote production with 4K and UHD multicamera systems. With the involvement of the French research institute IETR, the consortium relies on artificial intelligence assets to optimize video transcoding in the cloud. This provides viewers with the best video quality and the lowest latency, ensuring a high QoE with a lower carbon footprint.

Wassim Hamidouche, senior lecturer at the IETR, said, “Cloud computing, 5G, and artificial intelligence offer us a great opportunity to develop sustainable video-streaming solutions that enable a very high quality of experience while preserving the planet’s resources.”

TDF, as a network operator, brings expertise to the project with a fully virtualized, energy-centric headend solution capable of switching between broadcast and broadband delivery based on the audience, content, and/or client strategy.

Naty Sidaty, audiovisual innovation and standardization expert at TDF, said, “This project fits perfectly into TDF’s roadmap for modernization of the DTT platform by developing an energy-centric headend solution for achieving scalable and efficient delivery of linear services over broadcast and broadband networks.”

More information on AVIWEST and its products is available at www.aviwest.com.

About IETR (https://www.ietr.fr/en)

IETR is a telecommunication research institute hosting researchers from INSA Rennes, University of Rennes 1, CentraleSupélec, University of Nantes and CNRS. IETR addresses mainly four research fields including antennas and microwaves, communications systems, radio propagation, imaging and remote sensing. VAADER team has more than twenty years of experience in the field of image and video coding and has been involved in many national and international collaborative projects. The VAADER team has developed the well-known open source OpenHEVC and OpenVVC decoders compliant with HEVC and VVC standards, respectively.

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About TDF (https://www.tdf.fr/)

TDF is a French broadcasting operator with a long history of more than 40 years in the audiovisual and telecommunications domains, operating in several sectors of activity. Our network infrastructures, densely established on the territory, allow us to offer many services to our customers. We broadcast DTT and radio channels in French territory, receive mobile network operators to our sites, ensure the transmission of video streams for stadiums during major sport events and offer private hosting solutions in our data centers.

TDF is also a founding member of the Technological Research Institute b<>com and is involved in many innovation projects around new technologies (UHD, HDR, 5G, IoT, cloud computing, multimedia distribution, etc.)

About AVIWEST (www.aviwest.com)

AVIWEST is a world-leading provider of IP-based video contribution systems. Powered by proprietary, patented, and two-time Emmy® Award-winning intelligent IP bonding technology, our reliable solutions have been adopted by 1,000-plus broadcasters, online media, news agencies, social media companies, and first responders in more than 100 countries to cover breaking news and live events. AVIWEST’s history of innovation includes the world’s first portable cellular video transmitter, the world’s first live video transmission over a 4G network implementing QoS, and the world’s first live 4K video transmission over a 5G network. Using the 5G versions of AVIWEST’s powerful and lightweight bonded cellular transmitters, video professionals can deliver live news, multicamera sports, and events coverage with greater efficiency, higher quality, and cost-effectiveness from any part of the world. Headquartered in Saint-Grégoire, France, AVIWEST offers professional worldwide support for its products and cloud services through local and international sales offices and distribution networks across more than 160 countries.

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