ATEME Brings Broadcast-Level Latency Via NEA-Live JIT Packagers

PARIS, DENVER, SINGAPORE, SYDNEY, 18 May, 2021 – ATEME, the leader in video delivery solutions for broadcast, cable TV, DTH, IPTV and OTT, today announces that its NEA-Live® Just-in-Time (JIT) packager now offers production-grade low latency in pull mode for both HLS and DASH. These updates make ATEME the first to bring to market a low-latency JIT packager – a complex technical challenge that ATEME has overcome by using its own patented technology.

ATEME NEA-Live Packager

The latest enhancements to NEA-Live have huge implications for streaming service providers. They will now be able to use the packager to deliver live streaming content in low-latency mode, while also enjoying the greater efficiencies of JIT packaging in pull mode, where only the format needed for the requesting device is created and delivered. Moreover, they can use the same workflow for more typical OTT services – including time-shifted TV, start-over capabilities, and VOD, on any device. Viewers can therefore enjoy a range of high-quality experiences while streaming service providers enjoy more efficient, less complex operations.

ATEME NEA-Live Packager

Because content is packaged only in the required formats, both processing and storage requirements are reduced. This equates to the use of fewer servers and lower energy consumption, leading to lower operational costs and an improved environmental footprint.

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Tanguy Person, NEA-Live Product Owner, ATEME, commented, “Delivering low-latency live streams is essential for high-value content such as live sports, for example. Viewers expect to be able to watch live streaming video as close to real-time as possible on any screen. The low latency provided by NEA-Live allows OTT providers to offer audiences the quality of experience and services that they have come to expect from broadcast TV. This will help them to ensure that their offering stands out from the crowd and allows them to better compete within the OTT landscape”.


ATEME enables thousands of the world’s leading content owners, broadcasters and service providers to captivate their audiences with a superior quality of experience through multi-codec encoding, any-format origin/packaging, scalable cloud DVR, audience-aware CDN and revenue-generating dynamic ad insertion solutions.

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