AccuWeather Unveils WeatherShow Enhancer™ at NAB 2023

  • New from AccuWeather, the WeatherShow EnhancerTM will greatly enhance and expand the capabilities of your current weather system, whether you use WSI or Baron.   
  • The WeatherShow Enhancer will do for weather presentations what CNN’s Magic Wall did for election night presentations. 
  • The WeatherShow Enhancer will supercharge your weather presentation with more looks and more action and many real-time animations that your meteorologists and your audience will love. 
  • The Enhancer will give you a distinct and superior look to other stations.  
  • Come see this transformative new system at this year’s NAB, booth #N2010. 

March 20th, 2023 — AccuWeather today announced the introduction of the revolutionary WeatherShow Enhancer™, a newly developed software and hardware display system built on AccuWeather’s popular StoryTeller+® Touchscreen System. The Enhancer will immediately give you a distinct and superior look through significantly increased special effects. It will multiply the capabilities of your current weather system, thereby improving storytelling with less effort. Furthermore, the Enhancer will reduce weather show production costs.

“We’ve all seen how televised election night coverage relies on more interactive displays and the ability to more quickly pull up information,” said Dr. Joel N. Myers, Founder, and Chief Executive Officer of AccuWeather. “The game-changing capabilities of the Enhancer will similarly elevate your weather show’s appeal with more motion, better severe weather coverage, more video and quicker access to critical rapidly changing weather data, and many eye-catching interactions on screen.” 

The revolutionary WeatherShow Enhancer will make your current weather system come alive and significantly elevate your meteorologist’s presentation with more motion and will multiply its capability and elevate your meteorologist’s storytelling.  We aren’t trying to replace your WSI or Baron system but make it much better.  

 Some of the unique capabilities of the new system include:   

  1. Multiplies and enhances the capabilities of your current weather system, allowing you to show 16 screens all in one and to move in or out of any, in any order.  
  2. Gets severe weather warnings on air faster and with more meaningful information that you can filter to make more  sense of complicated severe weather situations to better inform your viewers.   
  3. Spotlight tools that give meteorologists greater real time control and the ability to better highlight what is most important on screen.  
  4. Advanced telestration, now unlocked for the entire presentation. 
  5. Six live HD video inputs, endless video feeds, better animation, more  motion, and multiple scene displays simultaneously. 
  6. For the first time you will get access to AccuWeather MinuteCast®, a patented hyperlocal, Minute-by-Minute™ localized forecast of precipitation type and intensity for the next 4 hours.  
  7. The most granular level of street labeling provides the ability to pan, tilt and zoom into any neighborhood in the world with greater localization and more detailed mapping unique to the Enhancer. 
  8. Will reduce your weather production costs and give you more options especially during breaking weather. 
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“We are thrilled to showcase our new WeatherShow Enhancer along with our highly popular StoryTeller+, at NAB, and we invite stations to come by and experience these many new unique capabilities that will turbocharge your weather show overnight and make your weather talent into a superstar, ”Dr. Myers said.   

For information or to arrange a personal demonstration of WeatherShow Enhancer or StoryTeller+ display systems please contact Ryan Ayres, Director of Local Media Services [email protected] , or 814-235-8664. 

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