2023 ICC Men’s World Cup Launches First-Ever Vertical Video Feed to Elevate Mobile Viewing Experience

ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup introduces Vertical Video Viewing to improve the mobile viewing experience.

The 2023 ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup will introduce a new vertical video feed through ICC TV, supported by Disney Star. The new feature is intended to improve the mobile viewing experience during this edition of the Cricket World Cup.

The vertical feed, covering all 48 matches, is designed to be more mobile-friendly, allowing viewers to watch the action more comfortably on their devices. One notable feature will be the split screens to give viewers a closer look at the on-ground activities.

To implement this feature, a series of vertical cameras will be used with the usual world feed cameras to enable the split-screen function. The production team will modify match graphics to suit the vertical layout.

Key elements such as ball tracking, player movements, and field setup will be adjusted to suit the vertical format. A team of commentators will be present to narrate the game.

ICC’s Chief Commercial Officer, Anurag Dahiya, commented: “Cricket enthusiasts eagerly anticipate the top-notch broadcast of ICC tournaments. Keeping this enthusiasm in mind, our ICC TV team always looks to adapt our broadcasts to what fans prefer. 

We’re thrilled to introduce the first-ever vertical video production for cricket during the ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup 2023. This pioneering step aims to revolutionize how fans watch the game. By adopting this fresh approach to cricket broadcasting, we aim to immerse fans deeper into the action and deliver an unparalleled viewing experience for the grandest Cricket World Cup.”

Sanjog Gupta, the Head of Sports at Disney Star, commented, “As consumer behaviours and preferences rapidly shift, we’re witnessing the birth of innovative viewing experiences. Disney Star has consistently been at the forefront of elevating cricket viewership, and we’re thrilled to partner with ICC to introduce the groundbreaking ‘vertical feed’ for the 2023 ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup. 

This new format goes beyond a different screen layout, aiming to provide digital viewers with heightened convenience, engagement, and immersion. The tailored production approach, with its specific cameras, graphics, direction, and replays, is set to redefine how fans watch cricket.”

He emphasized that the vertical feed is more than just a change in screen orientation; it provides viewers with increased interaction and immersion.

The ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup begins on 5 October, with England playing against New Zealand in Ahmedabad. The event will spread across ten venues, presenting 48 matches in 46 days, concluding with the final match on 19 November.

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