Partners with EXTREME International to Monetize CTV Channels, Curated for their 20 Million Digital Followers

Extreme International’s channels, Unreel and Auto Allstars, will rely on’s data capabilities to maximize revenue in the connected TV domain. “This partnership exemplifies how established brands can turn to CTV programming to activate new revenue streams,” said Gal Turjeman, CEO of, an all-encompassing content distribution and monetization platform that enables video content owners to create and monetize their own branded OTT applications & FAST channels across multiple smart TV and streaming platforms, has announced a partnership with EXTREME International, a content creator, and media network based in the world of extreme and adventure sports which had more than 1.7 billion views in 2022. This partnership will allow EXTREME International to rely on’s data-driven distribution abilities to monetize their already popular content.

Today’s content creators in the CTV realm are aware of the monetization capabilities that exist, yet struggle to deploy on different platforms and operating systems while maintaining a single experience across various TV manufacturers and OTT providers. By partnering with, they can publish their content across channels regardless of which TV manufacturer their customers are viewing, and receive a deep insight into viewer habits and demographics. These key data points are powerful tools when attracting advertisers who are looking to reach your demographic.

Looking to Unreel, EXTREME International’s channel for action and adventure sports through live events, documentaries, and inspirational programming, along with their Auto lifestyle channel, Auto Allstars where the dynamic world of motor and power sports are on display, “This partnership exemplifies how established brands can turn to CTV programming to quickly activate new revenue streams through’s enhanced monetization engine,” said Gal Turjeman, CEO of “EXTREME’s audience of 20 million social media followers are familiar with the brand and hungry for more content. With’s data-driven capabilities, they’ll be able to deliver exciting content to their fanbase while delivering critical insight to advertising that creates new monetization opportunities– all from existing content.”

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As streaming wars heat up,’s number shows that CTV has demonstrated a 170% growth over the last year, presenting opportunities for established brands to become television broadcasters without the heavy startup costs. “Being able to curate the full experience, from branded content through enhanced monetization, including customized ad placements, keeps us in control of EXTREME’s image, while furthering the relationship we have with a wide extreme sports fanbase,” said Alistair Gosling, Founder & CEO of EXTREME. “We expect that this partnership will significantly increase our engagement with our fans, presenting opportunities to welcome newcomers who prefer a television experience.” Beyond monetization opportunities, working with opens up EXTREME’s programming to over 50 million homes in the US alone. In addition, time spent per customer on OTT applications is up 230% year over year, allowing EXTREME to boost viewership on their existing FAST channels as well as consider upcoming programming initiatives.

About ( is an omnichannel content distribution platform that allows video content owners, such as linear TV channels, production houses, and more, a cross-device opportunity to create their own branded OTT applications and channels. offers a simplified, automated, seamless app creation, distribution to multiple OTT platforms, and ongoing monetization, with minimal time and resource investment. By that, allows content owners to focus on producing high-quality content while drastically expanding their audience.

About EXTREME International

EXTREME International is a unique brand, community, and purpose-driven company that lives at the nexus of sports, entertainment, and lifestyle. Our Vision is to drive positive change through extreme and adventure sports. As founders of The Extreme Sports Channel, operating for over 25 years and appealing to the 500 million participants worldwide, EXTREME is the go-to company for authentic activation across action and adventure sports, engaged via our 20 million strong community and expanding FAST channel network of channels.

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