DRM or Digital Rights Management deals with content protection mechanisms to prevent piracy, theft, and unauthorized use of content and includes Widevine, FairPlay, PlayReady DRM.

Top five criteria for choosing the right DRM vendor

After a streaming platform provider has decided to use DRM for content security, they must identify the right DRM vendor to work with. With a large number of variables (both technical and business) affecting the choice of a vendor, we decided to go straight to the vendors themselves and ask them a simple question

HDCP High Bandwidth Data Content Protection

HDCP stands for High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection, created to protect digitally copyrighted content in its journey via a cable (HDMI, DVI) from a device like the DVD Player to your TV or a display device.

widevine drm

Widevine DRM is a DRM solution owned by Google (which acquired Widevine in 2010).

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