Innocrux Launches Innorelay – A Premium Video and Audio Streaming Solution

Innorelay is a video & audio streaming solution provider that believes ‘Digital’ is the future and the future is ‘now’.

Innocrux launches Innorelay, a multi-solution provider for exclusive video and audio streaming needs with a focus on innovation and openness to adaptability. Innorelay is one of the best all-in-one solution providers that offer a wide range of solutions that are 100% customized for your business needs. Build your white-labeled video & audio streaming platform with absolute uniqueness. Launch your own scalable VOD, OTT, Live Streaming, or Monetization platform with superior video and audio quality, compatible across devices and browsers.


Innorelay is loaded with features that not just add value to the application but also empower your business. From eLearning modules, movies to live sports streaming, Innorelay is equipped to provide business solutions to multiple use cases across industries like Education, Entertainment, Sports, Healthcare, etc. Their extremely skilled team of experts offers the right blend of quality and uniqueness to your platform: a tailor-made approach to deliver what your business exactly needs.

Create a mark in your industry with a platform that offers the highest quality, security, reliability, and return on investment. Give your users the best video and audio streaming experience anywhere and anytime. Ensure a ‘one of a kind’ platform that is highly scalable and flexible with powerful features like:

  • Video CMS – centralized and organized videos
  • Multi-CDN – faster page loads and zero downtime
  • Cloud or on-premise deployment – secure hosting over cloud and in-house
  • Low latency – real-time HD videos at the lowest latency
  • DRM and AES Encryption – industry-standard safety
Innorelay Innocrux

About Innorelay:

Innorelay is a Chennai-based technology solution provider that offers white-labeled video & audio streaming solutions. An adaptive solution provider with a range of solutions under one umbrella – VOD, OTT, Live Streaming, Audio streaming, Monetization platform, etc. Their scalable solution helps to build a robust future-proof application with options for end-to-end customization. Build an interactive streaming platform with captivating features for any industry or use case.

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