Dyn, the New German Sports Streamer, Debuts with Pixum Super Cup 2023

Dyn Media Launches New Sports Streaming Service

Germany’s latest sports streaming platform, Dyn, officially launched on August 23 with its inaugural Pixum Super Cup 2023 handball competition coverage. 

The event features a face-off between the German Handball-Bundesliga champion, THW Kiel, and the DHB cup winner, Rhein-Neckar-Löwen.

Dyn Media, previously known as S-Nation, is a collaborative venture between media giant Axel Springer and former DFL chief Christian Seifert. The company rebranded last year, changing its name from S-Nation to Dyn Media.

The streaming service will cover handball and extend its broadcast to table tennis, basketball, volleyball, and hockey. 

Notably, the Hockey Bundesliga is set to commence on September 10, and Dyn will offer free programming for this event on its YouTube channel. The British Basketball League Cup will broadcast on Dyn from September 22.

When asked about the launch, Andreas Heyden, the CEO of Dyn Media, expressed his enthusiasm, attributing the platform’s success to the relentless efforts of their team, service providers, and partners. He emphasised Dyn’s commitment to presenting sports enthusiasts with their preferred sports content.

Dyn’s extensive portfolio includes rights to several national and international sports competitions. Through a partnership with DAZN, Dyn has added European handball to its repertoire, showcasing matches from the EHF Champions League and the EHF European League. 

The platform also plans to broadcast selected games from international top clubs and the final tournaments of the EHF club competitions.

Dyn’s subscribers can opt for a monthly subscription at €14.50 or a discounted annual subscription at €12.50 per month. The package grants access to live matches, highlights, and other editorial formats from various leagues. 

Christian Seifert highlighted Dyn’s unique approach, emphasising its partnership-centric model. Dyn aims to enhance the visibility of leagues and competitions by offering more free-to-air content. 

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A distinctive feature of their service allows subscribers to choose a sport they wish to support, with 10% of the net subscription fee directly benefiting the selected league. These funds are earmarked for nurturing young talent.

Furthermore, the Dyn Media Network will serve as a hub for partner associations, leagues, clubs, and media partners. Through the Dyn Content Desk, they will have access to editorial content, including highlight video clips and interviews. 

This initiative aims to bolster the media presence of sports and provide partners with abundant video content for their channels.

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