BBC Studios and Pinterest Collaborate to Engage The Growing Short Content Audience

New Creators debut their Short Films on Pinterest in Collaboration with BBC Studios

A partnership between BBC Studios and Pinterest paved the way for new filmmakers Emma Downer and Seun Ogunsola to present their short films.

Pinterest sponsored Emma and Seun, providing them with resources to produce six short videos, each lasting about 2 minutes. 

They also benefited from specialised training and mentorship through BBC Studios TalentWorks. This included sessions on presenting, networking, and guidance from the renowned BBC Studios’ Factual Entertainment team in Bristol.

Katrina Bell, a top producer at BBC Studios TalentWorks, expressed her enthusiasm about the collaboration. She highlighted Pinterest’s potential as a hub for fresh content creators in the Factual 

Entertainment genre. She’s eager to see the audience’s reaction to the new content featuring Emma and Seun.

Emma, a self-taught DIY enthusiast, showcases how to build an outdoor kitchen using both old and new materials in her series. She provides valuable tips and highlights common mistakes to avoid. 

On the other hand, Seun, a stylist, presents a series that draws inspiration from luxury designers and daily life. He guides viewers on assembling a budget-friendly wardrobe using revamped clothing items.

Both Emma and Seun are already famous on Pinterest. This project allowed them to refine their skills and elevate their content with expert advice.

Hannah Ngakane from Pinterest emphasised the platform’s role as a source of inspiration for millions. She praised the collaboration with BBC Studios TalentWorks, noting how it empowered top creators to enhance their storytelling skills. 

The partnership resulted in creating unique content that resonates with Pinterest’s audience.

BBC Studios TalentWorks is dedicated to spotting and nurturing upcoming talent. They offer many opportunities for budding creators, ensuring they realise their potential and supporting the broader creative community.

Impact of Short Format Content in Today’s World

TikTok reported this year that it had reached monthly active users of 150 million in the United States, an increase from the 100 million reported in 2020.

Woosuite, rebranded as aovup, predicts that short-form video ad earnings will surpass $10 billion, highlighting its potential with multiple revenue streams. Among these opportunities are brand partnerships and video sponsorships.

Moreover, platforms like YouTube Shorts and TikTok have specific funds rewarding creators, emphasising the need for a comprehensive monetisation strategy to capitalise on this medium fully.

It is found that 74% of consumers favour short-form videos when learning about products or services. These brief videos provide quick information and entertainment, making them a powerful engagement tool.

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Regarding return on investment (ROI), short-form video content outperforms all other social media marketing strategies, boasting an impressive ROI of nearly 30%. 

Research indicates that about 22% of digital marketers will venture into short-form video content this year, predicting a surge in growth relative to other marketing approaches. This trend signifies the escalating significance of short-form videos in today’s digital realm.

A new report highlights that Instagram users dedicate 17.6 million hours daily to Reels. In comparison, this is significantly less than TikTok’s 97.8 million hours.

Furthermore, 74% of Instagram’s audience now engages with Reels. With user rates climbing from 62% in March 2022 to 69% by September 2022, the rising popularity of Reels is evident.

And in terms of engagement, YouTube Shorts garners a rate of 3.80%, Reels recorded 4.36%, and TikTok leads with 5.53%.

Lastly, video content’s dominance in internet consumption continues to grow. Projections show videos will constitute 85% of global internet usage, a rise from 82% in 2022 and a significant jump from 73% pre-pandemic. Short-form videos are set to spearhead this trend.

The Deteriorating Attention Span among this Generation

According to UTSC’s psychology professor Steve Joordens, attention spans remain consistent across generations, but newer generations face more distractions. 

Gen Z reportedly has an 8-second attention span, shorter than millennials’ 12 seconds. This could explain the rise in short-form video popularity, especially since these groups dominate social media trends.

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