Amidst The Adoption of FAST Channels, Amazon Launches Fire TV Channels App In The US

Amazon Launches Fire TV Channels App enabling easy access to over 400 FAST Channels

Amazon unveiled its latest Fire TV Channels app in the US, offering Fire TV users access to over 400 Free Ad-Supported Streaming Television channels. 

The list features prominent names like ABC News, CBS Sports, Fox Sports, MLB, and Martha Stewart. The company also introduced new content from reputable sources such as Variety, Rolling Stone, The Hollywood Reporter, and GameSpot, to name a few. Amazon has plans to expand this offering continuously.

The Fire TV Channels, which debuted in May, can be accessed on any Fire TV smart TV and streaming gadgets. This app provides a centralised hub for viewers to enjoy a vast selection of live and on-demand content spanning sports, news, entertainment, and gaming genres. 

Amazon’s move comes as free, ad-supported streaming grows in appeal, especially among those moving away from traditional cable subscriptions.

The company’s efforts in this space have already yielded results. Freevee, an Amazon-owned free streaming platform, witnessed the highest growth rate in the first half of 2023, outpacing competitors like Pluto TV and Roku Channel. Samba TV reported an 11% year-on-year growth for Freevee.

Furthermore, Amazon has announced that it will add more Amazon Original series to Freevee, alongside 23 new channels in collaboration with Warner Bros. Discovery and MGM. Fire TV Channels serve as a central hub for content that has garnered significant viewership on Fire TV. 

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With around 200+ million Fire TV devices worldwide, Amazon approved this new FAST platform, noting a 300% surge in monthly viewing hours for such content over the last half-year.

Additionally, recent research conducted by Amagi highlights the growing popularity of FAST Channels, underscoring their significance among users.

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